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The only thing that determines if you are going to spice up your interiors with details or not is your budget; and taste, of course. Now here we have a very common discrepancy. It happens quite often that people who have more money lack taste in many things. On the contrary, people who have invested a lot of time (and some money, too) in their education have developed the aesthetic side, but do not have enough money to implement their ideas. That is why it sometimes happens that rich people hire interior designers who are obviously several classes below their current employees, but they know what is elegant and what is kitsch.

When it comes to interior design, it is the most normal thing that over a period of time, every home becomes a bit dull and outdated. To avoid such a scenario or simply liven things up, homes should be redecorated every few years. Here are some ideas on how to make your home look fresher without large and expensive changes.

New set of plants

Plants are the most affordable and least demanding change that can be done when it comes to invigorating your interiors. You can simply get rid of your old plants (by moving them to the back yard) and introduce new ones to your living room, for instance. Sometimes new plants can be accompanied with one or two new furniture items, so that the change becomes a little bit more obvious.

Light dimmers

If you live with a partner, spicing up things in terms of interior design might help rejuvenate the energy between you and him/her. The term light dimmers originally refers to light switches that have the option of dimming the light in your room, so that the ambiance becomes more romantic and less aggressive. However, some other things can be called light dimmers, as well. For instance, new curtains might be called this way, because they actually do prevent the sun light from shining directly to your bed or the living room sofa. These both sorts of dimmers can really make your home look different and spice things up in all possible ways.

New flooring – home is less boring

Flooring needs to be redone at least once in a decade. If you cannot afford brand new flooring, then you can at least have the existing one repainted and varnished, to increase the level of protection for the future time. Apart from that, if the flooring itself is still in good shape, you can replace the old floor covers and buy rugs with different patterns, which can be in accordance with other furniture items in the room. On the other hand, they can also serve as contrast to other interior design items.

The general point is that making your home does not have to be either expensive or complicated. You can invigorate and spice up the interiors of your home with the details listed in this text. By doing so, you will feel more comfortable in your home and it will certainly look fresher.

Author: Sophie is an interior designer from Australia. She’s interested in architecture and home decor. Sophie loves to write and share her expertise.