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Nowadays, steampunk-themed interior designs are still very fancied and people choose them as a stylish way to celebrate the 19th-century industrial epoch.

The predominant materials are copper, brass, and iron as well as reclaimed mechanical pieces to fuse the Victorian groove into any room at home.

The steampunk interior decisions can be easily adapted into the living room space, kitchen, bedrooms or the bathroom.

The following article is mainly focusing on the bathroom, including cool ideas on how to blend a couple of popular retro-futuristic decor details that are ideal to bring an industrial feel to your bathroom.

Intrigued? Read on.

Steampunk Style Shower

“Front Design” are the ones who created a remarkable, conversational steampunk bathroom shower.

It presents a nice mixture of contemporary elegance and a spin of classic design elements.

Moreover, this steampunk bathroom shower’s pipes and showerhead are wholly made out of copper. It brings a strong industrial vibe, isn’t it? It could be incorporated in a lot of different steampunk bathroom ideas and designs.

Copper is one of the essential materials that will help you compose your unique steampunk-themed bathroom. Showerhead, sink, mirror, faucets, towel rack, taps… consider installing at least 3 elements made out of copper in your washing room.

Steampunk Pedestal Sink

This steampunk pedestal sink is a beautiful link between the past centuries and the present moment.

Made from copper and stainless steel elements, it’s very practical and looks unique.

Steampunk Bathtub that Brings a Strong Industrial Feel

This industrial tub is a feature that every single steampunk fan would fall in love with.

Taking a bath in this rotten bathtub, made out of old naval mine, is an experience you wouldn’t be able to compare with anything else.

Its exterior illustrates its fiery past, while the bathing space made out of stainless steel is smooth for appreciating an intimate bubble bath after a long day at the office.

Steampunk Style Lighting for the Bathroom

Adding a steampunk-themed bathroom light to your bathroom vanity won’t only lighten up the room but also be a charming wall decoration that would leave each of your guests speechless.

This industrial lighting would ideally fit both contemporary interior design and a classic steampunk-kind of washing room.

Stunning DIY Steampunk Toilet Seat

Even though the idea of installing a steampunk-themed toilet seat may sound unusual to some of you, the interior designer Cindy Chinn has turned it into reality.

This DIY toilet seat brings a strong gothic vibe and, thanks to the metallic paint and the cut off bold heads, the whole installation look like coming straight out of the mechanical manufacturing.

DIY Steampunk Toilet Paper Holder

To embellish the industrial charm of your steampunk bathroom or separate toilet, you can fix this cool DIY toilet paper holder entirely made out of a black industrial pipe and large red hose knob.

Besides its function to hold a toilet paper, this element will add extra uniqueness to your current bathroom decor.

Tip: Do not hesitate to install this fun DIY toilet paper holder even in a more contemporary interior, it will still look great!

Additional Design Ideas for a Dazzling Steampunk Bathroom

The San Francisco-based architect, Andre Rothblatt, gives us a large dose of steampunk inspiration.  

According to him, most of the steampunk lovers prefer the walls of this kind of bathrooms adorned with Victorian-styled wallpapers.

The copper pipes, the mechanical elements, and gauges enhance the charm of the vintage, industrial interior.

If you suffer from a total lack of ideas, we would suggest re-creating this traditional Victorian-themed washing room.

So, are you thinking of freshening up the interior of your bathroom as well? The industrial style makeover is a great way to blend different centuries and create an eye-catching, conversational, and sophisticated makeover to your restroom without necessarily breaking the bank. Good luck!