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There’s no doubt about it – the modern design has managed to become one of the most popular interior design trends nowadays, and for a good reason too. The sheer essence of the contemporary design lies in its flawless simplicity, sheer sleekness and spotless setting. People all around the globe are going crazy for this modern wonder and are investing a fair amount of time (and money) in creating remarkable contemporary households. So, what’s the right approach when it comes to the modern bathroom? What types of colour, details and shapes can we expect in it and how to actually achieve this look? All this and much more will be answered in these few simple steps.

Choose the Colours Wisely

The first rule of contemporary bathrooms is – you don’t talk about contemporary bathrooms. The use of colour in this area is self-explanatory and doesn’t require any further talk about the subject. Modern design relishes in the complete simplicity of neutrals, meaning it’s mostly focused on using colour combinations of black and white. Of course, grey, beige and different light alternatives, like eggshell, alabaster or cloud white, are commonly used to create an illusion of a much bigger space and to add some depth to the area. Black tiles are a popular choice in modern bathrooms and not only do they capture the true essence of the contemporary design, but they also exude elegance and glamour which are quite characteristic for this style.

Mind the Minimalism

One of the most prominent features of the modern design is that it doesn’t rely on details and decorations to make it extraordinary. Quite the contrary, the modern design is usually known as the minimalistic design as it requires minimum to no decorative details. That being said, a modern bathroom doesn’t need any excessive details or artwork, as the use of proper lighting and structure will give it the harmony it needs. A glass shower cabin or a fabulous freestanding bath are wonderful additions to the modern bathroom and don’t require any further embellishing.

Give It Some Edge

Another conspicuous feature in the modern bathroom is its remarkable use of shapes. This style is mostly known for clean lines and sharp edges, which is why you’ll rarely find round tubs or bathtubs with curvy outlines in these types of bathrooms. Big square tiles, rectangular cabins and angular shapes are quite characteristic for modern design, which is why these striking and bold geometric patterns have become increasingly popular over the years. This style is commonly known as sharp and with acute angles and edges, which is what makes it so refined and sleek.

Keep It Clean

Last, but certainly not least is the fact that contemporary-styled bathrooms are commonly praised for their expressed cleanliness. The absence of details and decorative pieces makes these spaces even easier to clean up and their sleek, polished surfaces are almost always spotless. Smooth tiles, shiny windows and glossy features are quite expressed here, so there’s no room for dirt, debris, blocked drains or any other type of impurity in these bathrooms. The absolute extravagance of the design doesn’t endure any faults in this field.

Stylish, extravagant, flamboyant and yet so simple. These are just a few words to describe the modern design. Achieving this look in your bathroom can be a bit challenging as it’s sometimes difficult to capture the true character of the contemporary design. Of course, following a few simple rules and introducing certain features typical for this type of setting can greatly help you in attaining the desired look. A modern bathroom is an amazing and, of course, necessary component of every modern home, so it’s good to have a few ideas to get you started.