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Have you
always dreamed of owning a home that could easily be the focus of any leading
interior design magazine? If you want a paradise that is fit for an artist, you
need to find your aesthetic and then learn how to balance lines and textures to
bring a room to life. Designing a room goes beyond just picking an eye-popping
sofa or the perfect area rug. To take the interior design to the next level,
you will need the perfect balance of hard and soft and an eye for features that
will speak to anyone in the room. Here are some ways to turn an uninspiring
room into one that could become part of the main spread in a magazine.

Choose Cool Colors to Soothe the Mind

Artists love
Zen, so the answer to designing a paradise fit for an artist is to go for a Zen-like
atmosphere. One way to calm the mind and reduce stress is to go for a cool
color palette with a good combination blue hues and some very soft neutrals.
The color that you slap on your walls can actually change the overall look in
the room and the mood of those who are in it. Blue is said to trigger
relaxation, gray is calming, yellow is healing, and chartreuse symbolizes
rebirth and growth. By knowing how colors trigger emotions, you can make a smart choice on how you choose
complimentary interior color schemes.

Let There Be Light

You cannot
expect any paradise to be dark and devoid of natural light. Whenever you
picture any type of paradise, the mind automatically associates the area as
bright and airy. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not use natural light to
their advantage when designing their space. With the right window treatments, the
right placement of neutral paint, and large wall mirrors opposite of windows,
you can make a room more light and much more worthy of the paradise

Add Texture and Big Statement Pieces

You need a
focal point in every room that draws the eye in. Instead of having knick knacks
all throughout the space that will confuse the eye, make sure you have big
statement pieces and seating with unique legs and lines. You can either add
texture with a seat or add texture with the fabrics and textiles that you
choose to accent your windows and floors. Do not be afraid of prints to add
elements of texture as long as there are solids and a mixture of big and little
to balance everything out.

Get Professional Help with Product

If you just
do not have an eye for pieces that will pop in your space, do not be afraid to
consult the professionals. Some interior design companies such as PersimmonLane actually
sell the unique products you see in magazines but cannot find in retail stores.
Tackle your design dilemmas by explaining your vision to experienced designers so
they can point out exactly what pieces will work in your room.
A home design
can be very personal. Make a statement that any artist would love to hear with
your design and use these tips to do it. By removing the clutter, creating
focal points, and choosing colors that relax the mind, your home will become a
space you will be proud to show off.