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Having a well-designed backyard could really increase the value of your property and (more importantly) it could make your home beautiful and more comfortable. However, this doesn’t come easily. It’s not only that you have to maintain it carefully – you also need a vision of what you want your yard to be.

These upgrades could be done relatively inexpensively and they don’t take that much time – an averagely skillful person could complete them on a free weekend, even though the maintenance takes longer than that.

Spruce up the deckSpruce up the deck

The deck could be the most beautiful part of your home if it’s properly maintained. A wooden porch with a few well-placed decorations could be used to entertain guests or just enjoy some downtime after a long day. However, decks tend to age pretty badly and it shows when they become gray and worn out.

This could be easily remedied if you notice the signs of aging and react as soon as possible. Oxygenated bleach will help you get rid of dirt and mildew that accumulates on your porch over time. Finish it off with some sanding to get the smooth look and you could take ten years of the wood.

A rain garden

Eco-friendly landscaping is one of the most popular options because it’s both beautiful and useful for the environment around your home. Rain gardens are used to drain the water from your home and move it to the plants. This means you won’t have trouble with mildew or with too much maintenance in the yard.

It also helps if you decide to plant only local plants for this purpose. That reduces carbon footprint and doesn’t affect local eco-systems dramatically.

Water and fireWater and fire

The most striking addition you could make to your back yard is to add water or fire features (like fountains or fireplaces) around which your guests or your family would gather when making backyard parties. These features would be the highlight, but you also need to add some comfortable furniture, like the one you can find at The Furniture Shack to make the yard more hospitable.

It’s important to make this part of the yard similar in style and aesthetic to the rest of your home. If your home is understated and minimalistic the yard should be over the top even if decide to place the fireplace in it.

Add lightsAdd lights

Backyard lights are usually dim and not very useful. Most households use the home lights or a few lamps to light the yard when they are having a barbeque party. This will do, but it isn’t very aesthetically pleasing or comfortable to use.

Using small, overhead lights is the best way to go, both in terms of lighting and the style it creates. These lights seem celebratory, fun, and even magical if they well designed and if you manage to create the right mood.

Natural fences

It’s often said that good fences make good neighbors. If you have a lot of backyard parties and value your privacy, a nice tall fence is an essential part of your yard. The most eco-friendly way to go is to make it a natural fence. Have in mind that this won’t solve your problems right away because this fence takes a long time to be grown to full size.

Natural fences

It’s important to carefully consider what plants you plan to grow because some would cause you more work than building an ordinary fence does. For instance, the bamboo grows fast, but it takes a lot of work to be maintained.

Small upgrades to your yard could make it a much more beautiful place to relax and throw parties in. These upgrades don’t have to be complicated or expensive, but you need to plan their installation in advance.