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How to use products from nature as modern accessories

With all those electronical gizmo’s and modern day products made of plastics and other unnatural materials surrounding us nowadays, it’s quite a relief to spend time in nature every now and then. The problem is that not all of us have the time to do so, certainly not every day. More and more we seem to get ‘disconnected’ from nature, which is a shame since nature is actually the perfect source for stress-relief. So in order to benefit from the resources nature can provide us with, you could consider bringing a little bit of Mother Nature into your own house. How? Here are some tips!

Natural materials
How to use products from nature as modern accessories

The easiest way to bring nature to your proverbial doorstep, is to be alert regarding the materials you use in and around the house. For example, consider using glass containers instead of plastic. Not only is it healthier, it also looks a lot prettier when you place your food in pretty glass jars instead of cheap plastic boxes. But don’t hold back with this tip, basically every object in your house or apartment can be replaced with a natural option! Wooden floors, clay accessories, wicker baskets, bamboo drawers – the list is literally endless. 

Raw materials in combination with polished products
How to use products from nature as modern accessories

If you like unique products and don’t want to follow the herd, you could consider making your own furniture using readymade as well as raw materials from nature. A trend lately is a table made of a whole tree stump, or even multiple ones. Because a tree will always be unique, the chance you will see your table at someone else’s place is absolutely non-existent! Next to that, it’s entirely up to you to design the table. You could consider placing a glass table top on the stump, but could use the stump itself as table top too. Somehow this accessory seems to fit in every imaginable interior, and provides every room with a natural yet edgy look. 

Ecological fabrics
How to use products from nature as modern accessories

One thing to look out for too, are fabrics and products that are produced in an ecologically responsible way. Not only are these products of an unusually good quality, you can also feel comfortable about the fact that you did nature a favour by buying the product.They often come in endless arrays of prints, colours and sizes so you won’t have to be afraid of not finding what you are looking for. An added bonus is that you will probably be aiding a local small business as well, since ecological production is still very far away from mass production.

A last but quite obvious tip: buy some plants! It brightens up your house or office instantly. Next to that; caring for plants is a proven method that may aid stress-relief.

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