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While a great deal of
manufacturers out there claim to be environment-friendly, how many of them
actually have the credentials to prove it?

In 1970 barely a
quarter of Malaysia’s population lived in cities. Today three out of four
Malaysians live in an urban environment, and the proportion continues to
increase. Alongside this urbanization
there has been a period of economic growth, leading to an increase in energy
demand and carbon emissions. More importantly, this has significantly increased
the levels of air pollution.
Looking at the impact
that Malaysians are having on climate change when compared with neighboring
countries as of 2014, the average per capita carbon footprint is around twice
that of Thailand, four times higher than Indonesia or Vietnam, eight times that
of the Philippines, and twenty-four times greater than in Cambodia (although it
is just half of Singapore).

Taking the statistics
above into account, it has become extremely clear that manufacturers need to
ensure that they do everything possible to minimize environmental damage.
And when a customer
decides to pick Solar Gard®, not only are they placing their faith in a product
that is far superior in quality but also one that strives to be as
environmental friendly as possible.
Aside from being
regarded by many as of one of the top suppliers of architectural window film
and car window tinting in Malaysia, company has also earned the esteemed
title of Climate Action Leader. This title was achieved thanks to the company’s
commitment towards manufacturing premium products in a manner that is
environmentally responsible.
Management System is ISO-14011 Certified, and it ensures that the manufacturing
practices have a minimal impact on the environment. Following extensive
research, it has been concluded that company’s window films save an average of
100 times more carbon emissions over a 15-year lifetime than are emitted during
their production.

Furthermore, as one of
the best tint brands in Malaysia,  Many
company is dedicated to ensuring that you, our customers, are thoroughly
satisfied with our service and get your money’s worth.