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In the past 20 years the world has advanced a lot in the field of recycling. We in the west in particular have gotten quite good at recycling our waste and reducing our carbon foot print. But recycling doesn’t only consist of industrial recycling; using a thing contrary to its intended use and beyond its intended useful life also consists as recycling.

In this article I’ll tell you a few ways by which you could use materials which would otherwise have been a waste to make your home beautiful!

Cereal Boxes

This is something that ever household will have; cereal card board boxes. You know those cute junior cereal card board boxes can be made into little magazine holders and journal sets. All you need to do is cutting from the top and halfway don’t the spine of the box and you will have magazine holder. You might want to strengthen the corners of box by applying some gift wrapping tape so that the box doesn’t open up.

Wine bottles 

These are probably one of the most potential to be reused creatively to beautify your house and yet are the most under up cycled leftovers. There are quite a few things that you could do with these; my personal favorite is to use them as oil laps in your back yard or patio. it would give your  it a very traditional feel and light you ambiance with the worm fiery hues. If you are into fine dining with your partner, Wine bottles also make great candle stands for your dining table. And not to forget the most common use of these, the wine bottle vase, which is also very traditional and classy.

Liquor bottle Corks 

This is one of my favorites because it’s one of those things that doesn’t have many other uses other that capping bottles, yet by applying some creativity it can be made into some very interesting things. Did you know that you could make these corks into beautiful key chains! Yes! You would need these things; a screw eye, a key ring and some bright colored paint. Fist paint your bottle cork in a bright oil based paint so that it stays on for a while. When it dries then screw in the screw eye on you desired side, make sure that the eye is tightly screwed so that it doesn’t fall off. The last step would be to ring on the key ring to the screw eye that you have put on the side of the screw.

 Shoe Boxes

Shoe boxes can serve as beautiful and handy salves. I did them in bright neon colors but you could do them however you like. First you will have to paint the inside of the box in acrylic paint with the help of a paint brush, once done you need to add shelves in the middle of the box by cutting the lid of the box and gluing it with the help of a glue gun. After this paint the outside of the box with spray a paint to give a cleaner finish. Remember to keep a steady hand and an even coat when spraying on the paint.

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