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The reputed HVAC companies offer the best heating and cooling solutions in Toronto for both residential and commercial properties. HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning system which maintains an acceptable indoor air quality and provide thermal comfort in residential and commercial buildings. The HVAC companies in Toronto build state-of-the-art HVAC systems which maintain a safe indoor environment for the people by ventilating dust, heat, moisture, smoke, etc.

The HVAC technicians employed by the companies are certified and highly experienced professionals who are well equipped to install, operate and maintain the HVAC systems. The various HVAC services offered by the companies are as follows. 

Radiant Floor Heating

The Radiant Floor Heating system makes the floor of a building warm so that the occupants can even walk barefoot on it during the cold winter season. The Radiant Floor Heating system imparts warmth to the feet by radiating heat from the floor.

Radiant Floor Heating system features thin heating cables which are placed under ceramic tiles. The height of the flooring is not raised owing to the thinness of the cables. The cables can be installed wherever there are ceramic tiles in the house. The heating system has its own thermostat and usually requires just 15-20 amperes of current. A warm temperature is continuously maintained by the system.

The Radiant Floor Heating system reduces heat loss by about 10-20 percent. It also saves energy cost by about 40%. The system is also eco friendly because it lowers the emission of greenhouse gases considerably. Another beneficial feature of this system is that it does not use blowers, fans and duct popping.

Forced Air Systems

The skilled HVAC technicians in Toronto are capable of installing Forced Air Systems in buildings. FAS operates by distributing heat throughout the building using air as a vehicle to carry the heat energy. This is enabled by a network of ducts connected to vents in different rooms through which the heated air is expelled for maintaining a constant temperature in all the rooms.

The FAS can use any equipment such as heat pump, gas or electric furnace or a hydronic coil for generating heat. The equipment is connected to a duct network for distributing the air throughout the building. FAS is an energy efficient technology. In many cases, it is attached to the central air conditioning system in order to provide an optimum temperature all the year round.

Installing FAS is appropriate when an altogether new heating system is required for a new building or if an existing building already has a network of ducts. The cost of installing FAS increases when the customer replaces an existing heating system which does not have ductworks. 

Furnace Installation

Furnaces of the best brands available in the market are installed by the technicians after a thorough evaluation of the customer’s home. Furnaces are installed only after correctly determining the requirements of a particular house. Furnaces are chosen according to various factors such as size of the house, age of the house, height of the ceiling, number of windows and insulation. The technicians have all the required licenses and are also insured against any mishap.

Regular maintenance of the furnace is highly essential to prevent the accumulation of carbon monoxide in the room and maintain the indoor air quality safe. Maintenance also prevents frequent problems requiring repair such as carbon monoxide leakage or less heating besides increasing the lifespan of the furnace. The technicians are always available for maintenance operations and are just a phone call away in the event of some emergency.

Air conditioning

From heating we now come to cooling services. The professional technicians in Toronto can be relied upon to quickly install complex AC systems in homes and offices. Free quotes are also offered to the customers interested in purchasing a new AC system. AC systems often undergo breakdowns during summer months requiring urgent repairs. The HVAC technicians in Toronto are more than competent to carry out expert repairs in a moment’s notice. Breakdowns can also be avoided by enlisting the services of the expert technicians to inspect the existing AC system or central AC unit to detect any anomalies and problems.

Yearly maintenance of the AC system is imperative for its proper functioning throughout the year. Regular maintenance also saves money that is spent on repairing breakdowns in neglected AC units. The HVAC technicians follow a thorough maintenance plan which includes many operations. They have been discussed here.

Temperatures in the air handler are checked along with the carbon monoxide levels. CO levels are also recorded. Air flow in the condenser coil is also checked. Draw on the condenser motor and the compressor is also scrutinized. The operation of the condensation system is tested. Finally, the outdoor condenser unit and the evaporator coil drain are subjected to a thorough cleaning operation.

The maintenance operations allow the technicians to detect hazardous level of carbon monoxide which can be life threatening. Maintenance operations also extend the life of the AC unit and improve the quality of indoor air.

Boiler Installations

Boiler installation service also feature in the portfolio of HVAC technicians in Toronto. Boiler has gradually emerged as a widely popular heating system across households due to its environment friendly nature and good efficiency. Boiler works by heating water which is then used to heat the air in the rooms in forced heating systems or the floor in radiant heating systems. Boilers work on the principle that water can carry more energy than air.

The highly beneficial feature of Boiler systems is that the water is brought back into the boiler through pipes for heating again after heat has been drawn from it. The water that comes back to the boiler is warm which means that the boiler does not have to expend much energy to heat it again. This saves energy.

The HVAC technicians are well qualified to carry out all kinds of major and minor repairs of the boiler system. Regular inspection and maintenance programs are also offered to prevent costly repairs.