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Decorating your home is a much difficult task to do as it cannot be done again and again. Though there are numerous things and ways you can decorate your house with but today we will be talking about cushions which are not only an integral part of your living room but also of every other place where you love resting and feeling comfy. Apart from being beautiful a cushion needs to be comfortable and durable. You may find some exotic designs of sofa cushions, which may look so astounding and appealing but needs high maintenance to look after. Also, while buying a cushion it has to be kept in mind where it is going to be used and what if it gets exposed to the outdoor environment. Each type of furniture has its own demands with the cushion.

The cushion for the outdoor furniture lying in your balcony, terrace , court yard or any such place are affected to subjects like moisture, winds, hot and cold weather, etc even if they are kept under a canopy. For places like such, you should prefer a fabric which is water resistant (some pillow inserts have a polypropylene cover and the filling is 100% waterproof) or choose a fade or pale fabric which even on exposing to outer conditions like sun and rain, does not lose its natural qualities. Shift your focus to the inner material of the cushion.

Choosing the Best Fabric for Outdoor Cushions

Textilene Fabric

Its water resistant fade resistant qualities make it an ideal fabric for outdoor purposes. It’s durability and functionality needs not to be questioned about. Typically, it is woven polyester with a PVC coating on it. This fabric can be easily found at hardware stores. If you are looking comfort as the main quality for your cushion, then it may not be suitable for you.

Cotton Canvas

This is an austere woven fabric. It has evolved as a change to the conventional style hemp. It’s hard-wearing and dyes effortlessly. Canvas is also available in pre-dyed solid colours and prints. Another bonus to cotton is that blank canvas can be painted with fabric paint if you want to create your own fabric designs and give your outdoor space more of a personal touch.

Duck Cloth

This fabric is analogous to cotton canvas. The major difference between both of them is that its texture is a bit smoother and this cloth has a tighter weave as compared to the canvas. However this cloth is difficult to be customized or painted.

Olefin Fibre

Olein fibre is a synthetic fibre. It is also known as polypropylene. Its high resistivity to heat, sun, cast and wet weather makes it an ideal material to be used in cushion inserts and cushion covers. The only problem with this fabric is that it is so hard in texture that it can be compared to plastic fibre.


It is made from Polyvinyl chloride or PVC or vinyl which is recyclable. It can be cleaned easily and has a hard texture. It is in use from decades. Once again though, there is a distinct plastic feel to it, so perhaps limit vinyl to pillows or backings as opposed to parts of your cushions that will have heavy contact directly with the skin. Especially in warm weather, sweat and plastic can be a sticky and unpleasant combination.

If you still are not convinced with what type of cushion to choose then you can take the help of Selby Soft Furnishings to have an insight about what cushion type will be perfect for your outdoor needs and what kind of different varieties available in different prints, shades etc.