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Recent redecoration left your room walls blank and now it is time to be creative and bring some style into your rooms. Before you lay many options for blank wall decorations, and one way to nicely decorate is to create a picture wall. Grab all the pictures you like and have a sentimental value and play around with them. Simply hang them up, creating collage or try using strings or unusual placements that will guarantee style and originality for your wall and your room.
But if you are really up for a challenge, try spicing up your wall with photobooth pictures. Imagine that your wall is a canvas and just go wild with this idea. You will have a unique wall decoration that will leave people in awe.
Wallpapers are nice too
If you have decided to decorate your walls with wallpaper, now is the chance to use some of your favorite iconic patterns you always wanted. You can even rearrange your room to make a replica and feel like you were part of that experience.
Wallpaper patterns range from the simplest of design to very intricate ones; if it possible, try combining multiple wallpapers. Let your creative juices flow to make that wall as interesting as you are.
Spacious wall décor
Your room has extra space and you would like to leave the color of your wall the way it is, but yet it still lacks something to make it truly unique.Consider using a bookshelf as wall
. With the possibility to create personalized bookshelves, your room will truly get refreshed. Experiment with various designs and shapes to figure out which one suits your room the best.
Mirror mirror on the wall
A good decoration choice for either smaller or bigger rooms is to fit your blank wall mirrors. It will create the illusion of having more space, and if you decorate your walls creatively you can also create art in your room. This design will leave your guests in awe as well curious to recreate your style.
If you think and feel that your room needs to be cozier to go with your carpets or if you need your room to radiate with more warmth then try placing upholstered panels on your blank wall. You can create very snazzy and cozy rooms that might just be what your room needs to be perfectly decorated.
Choosing from a plethora of upholstering panels you can go wild with different patterns and you can combine different styles. You can even create your own unique and interesting style. The wall is the limit.
Paint with style
The most common way to stylize your blank wall is to use paint. But, it is also possible to create your own masterpiece by using lacquered paint. This way you can create something truly unique and preserve it by applying layers of lacquer. Your new lacquered room wall decoration will attract attention as well as curiosity.
Sophie Andersen is an interior designer from Australia. She’s interested in architecture and home decor. Love to write and to share her tips and tricks about home decoration.