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Whether you’re using it to sleep, watch TV, or kick back with a good book, your bedroom should be a sanctuary that you can’t wait to spend time in after a long day. If your current bedroom is looking more drab than dreamy, here’s how to transform it into your ideal space so that you can have a restful sleep every night.

Declutter the space

When your bedroom is cluttered, you find it more difficult to sleep. In fact, this is something that science has proven. Having a tidy space will not only reduce stress, but you won’t have to worry about stepping on a plug every time you’re trying to make it to bed. Invest in some storage boxes to keep your clutter at bay, or if your space is small look toward under the bed storage or neat built-in units.

Choose a natural colour palette

Red may be your favourite colour, but when it comes to winding down for the day, it’s a colour that may distract you. The same goes for busy wallpaper patterns. Instead, opt for a colour palette in soft neutrals that will bring calm to the room. You can still add a pop of colour here and there with the soft furnishing or accessories that you choose.

Introduce some greenery

Having some greenery in your bedroom won’t just look stylish. Indoor plants work wonders to the atmosphere of your home. They release oxygen and water, purifying the air and helping you to breathe easier. Try to choose some low maintenance plants or succulents such as a spider plant, ficus, or areca palm. That way you know they won’t struggle without sunlight.

Delight your senses

Smell is a sense that people often either fail to neglect, or burden with artificial scents such as air fresheners. Switching to a diffuser that releases essential oils can bring a more comforting feel to your bedroom, especially if you choose oils that are known to relieve stress such as lavender and chamomile.

Add a dramatic touch

You want your bedroom to be calming, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a certain flair so that your personality can shine through. How about a chandelier, an oversized headboard, or a unique dressing table? Adding small touches is essential to making your bedroom feel like a place that has been designed for you and you only.  

Extend your space

It may be that you feel as though your bedroom is a little too small to be considered a sanctuary. In that case, why not consider a home improvement that involves extending it into another space so that you can benefit from a walk in wardrobe, an en-suite, or even a cosy reading nook. Bifold doors in Bristol is a good place to consider for those who are looking for a stylish way to create more space in their home.