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Unless you are in the market to sell your home you will not come across the term staging your home. Why staging your home is considered important? Why do realtors always ask sellers to stage their homes? Why it is difficult to sell a home as is? These are the questions that will come to your mind when the phrase ‘stage your home’ keeps resonating again and again. Well, the answer is simple; people who stage their homes sell their homes quicker than the ones that are not staged. That raises the next question, How to stage a home? The answer is given below:

Firstly you need to stop thinking like a seller, you need not look at all the positives of your home, you should start looking at the negatives. When a buyer visits your home, he or she will have a ball park figure in mind. They will try to negotiate below the price they have in mind and to negotiate they will start finding fault with the house. They will speak about the repairs they need to do and the costs they would incur. They will tell that since a lot of repairs and renovation needs to be done, the asking price should be lower. However, if you stage your home you will not be listening to these faults as you would have rectified them. Here’s the way to go about it.

  • The curb should be given a makeover. Nobody likes a shabby lawn. Mow it and water it. The garage door should be neat and clean and if it needs a coat of paint, you should paint it. The main door is often overlooked, clean it or paint it as the need may be. The outer walls should also look neat and clean and if you need to paint do it. Paint is relatively cheap and you can do it in a day.
  • The living room needs to look spacious. In fact, all rooms should look spacious. If you have all kinds of furniture it is better to rent storage units near you and place them there. Light is also a very important factor. Natural light will make your room look spacious too. So open the drapes and allow the light to filter in. Keep the windows open as the air should also pass through the rooms.
  • The kitchen is the room where most people sit and confer. Ensure that the appliances in the kitchen are in working order. Check if the kitchen tiles are not broken, the faucets are working and not dripping etc. If possible bake some cookies or bread and the good scent of baking will have a positive impact on the prospective buyer.
  • The bathroom should not be overlooked. A clean bathroom will only help you get a sale fast, whereas a dirty bathroom or a bathroom with broken tiles and faucets will only make the sale all the more difficult. These are small steps but it will add value.