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Recently HVAC maintenance has been the topic of discussion due to the many benefits that come with it. To mention some of the benefits; regular maintenance leads to a reduction in energy consumption, cleaner air, and extended life of the entire system. Other benefits also tied to HVAC maintenance include health benefits such as a reduction in respiratory allergies and asthmatic symptoms.

To effectively maintain your HVAC system, there are a few things that you should know. These things are:

All HVAC systems are not the same

If you are new to HVAC system maintenance, it might not occur to you that all HVAC systems are not the same. In fact, most experts who publish their “ultimate HVAC maintenance guides on the internet” fail to specify the kind of HVAC system that they are talking about.

All brands, models, and makes belong to different calibers. Influenced by factors such as the available budget and the size of the building, everyone chooses the ideal HVAC for his home, office or commercial building. What this means is that other HVAC systems might actually need more regular maintenance than others. Some modern HVAC systems might not even need maintenance at all because of the pre-installed self-cleaning and self-correcting systems.

For example, you cannot compare the modern HVAC systems that come with thermostats with the earlier ones that did not. A thermostat not only enables you to heat up the house only when you are there, but it also enables you to turn down the system when you notice that there is overheating. As an advantage, a thermostat will enable you to cut down on energy costs. However, most of them would need regular filter cleaning or new furnace filters.

Replacing your old HVAC system is a worthy investment

Maintaining your HVAC system repeatedly might be tedious and might end up being too expensive. Instead of going doing the maintenance path, it is sometimes better to replace the entire thing, especially when it is too old. Modern HVAC systems utilize less energy, are better performers, and require little or no maintenance at all.

If you choose to install a new unit, make sure that it is installed properly. This is because poor installation is the main reason why most HVAC systems suffer from overheating and blockages.   

Is your home properly insulated

When your home is not properly insulated, it means that there is always a counteracting effect of the HVAC’s function from the surrounding environment. This, in turn, causes the HVAC system to always run on a high. This automatically means that the HVAC system will consume more energy. Therefore, your focus should be on insulating your home properly first. Maintenance should come thereafter.

Sizes do matter

When it comes to HVAC systems, sizes do matter. Installing a small HVAC system so serve a large building means that it will suffer more damage. You will, therefore, need to carry out maintenance more frequently.  To avoid this, ensure that you purchase enough tonnage and capacity based on all factors such as the size of the building and the temperatures surrounding your area.