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There are so many reasons to make the ground neat and clean and there are many tools and services available to perform this task. Land clearing Brisbane and tree pruning have become very common for when windy and stormy weather hits Brisbane and surrounding areas of South East Queensland.

The cleaning of land on properties or acreage is not just based on removing the trees and leaves lying on the ground but these services are also used to remove the obstacles that are caused by the stumps, bushes and big stones. This process is completed to reduce unnecessary branches and damage being caused under all weather conditions and the health of the trees.

There are many reasons why it is important for land clearing and pruning to be completed whether it is a residential property, acreage or commercial property such as sports grounds, golf courses and land developments.

  • Reduce the risk of damage and personal injury from falling trees during a storm
  • Reduce personal injury from tripping over or old tree branches falling
  • Reduce fire hazards
  • Easy to maintain land

Methods and techniques of land clearing:

There are so many different methods and techniques that are applied to this and all of them differ according to the kind of land clearing or tree pruning required. So it is very important to that everyone must know about the appropriate ways of handling the process from start to finish. Due to the specialised skill that is required for the majority of these jobs, it is best to hire a professional to complete.

Talking about the method of the manual clearing there are several tools required such as axes, hoes, cutlasses and even use of your own hands. This process is very common and affordable in price compared to hiring a company and it is quite ideal to apply on the smaller and less dense properties.

On the other hand, there is a mechanical clearing process that is perfect for large suburbs and regions where heavy machinery is required such as bulldozers to wipe and gather the mess in a very short period of time with the fast and efficient machinery. These service providers have all the related equipment and even electric devices for pushing over trees, ripping out the roots and stumps.

Then there is a process of chemical clearing that is utilised for soil preparation and planting in a very organised way. These chemicals are consumed through a chemical spray to remove the weeds and other wild plants completely so that the soil can be suitable for the regrowth of other plants.

Can it be done by the DIY method?

This task seems very easy when anyone thinks about it, but it is very tough and a tough task and cannot be done, even if you gather your neighbours for this. Believing on the do-it-yourself method is the epic fail because the large and spiky stems and branches on the ground and the leaves that give a dreadful image like horror movie scene is not a task of a non-professional person.

Eliminate this confusion from your mind that companies charging a huge amount of fees when they perform this task. Land clearing Brisbane is providing their facilities at a very affordable rate for removing all types of obstacles that are caused by the plants and trees and letting people live in a peaceful environment after clearing all the mess. When you call the team they come to your place and asses the incident and start their work without any delay of time to solve your problem.