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When you
take care of your house, you are not helping your visitors or neighbors, it’s
strictly for your good because it reduces unwanted stress and makes your house
feels like it’s truly a home and not a junk yard. And also, when your visitors
or neighbors enter your home, they will give you respect for having an
organized home. But sometimes you are confused on where to clean, how to clean
and when to clean, here are few areas of your house that must be kept clean at
all times.
the kitchen is very important because it is the place you cook what you put
inside your mouth which goes down to your whole body system. And as they
“Health is wealth”. There are two ways you could decide to clean your kitchen,
either after meal in the night so that you can wake up to cook breakfast in a
clean kitchen, or you can clean it after breakfast so that you can come back in
the evening to meet a clean kitchen and cook at once, it depends on how you
want it. But to maintain an orderly kitchen, follow these steps:
sure you wash all dishes, and don’t forget to dry them and put them away. When
you watch the dishes every time, it gives you room to easily avoid playing the
‘tower stack’ game where the dishes are continually piled up until someone has
to put them all away.
Living / Dining room
living room is one of the most important rooms in your house, this is because
when visitors enter your room, they don’t go to your bed room or kitchen, and
they stay in your living room. so if you can take your time to keep your living
room clean, when visitors comes in, they will assume the other areas of your
house is clean even if it’s not clean. We’ve compiled few cleaning methods to
keep your house in order. :

● Make sure you dust down the cabinets, coffee-tables and also the television using a feather duster.
● If you happens to be having leather cushion, just like before, use the damp micro-fiber cloth to clean them down
● Check your decorations and be sure to re-arrange them if it has been misplaced or disorganized. (Positioning cushions, straightening picture frames etc.).
● In case some of your items are arranged or placed in a wrong way, items like DVDs, remotes etc.

●Try to put everything in place
● Use cloth to clean your dining table regularly.
● If you house happens to be having tiles or wooden floor, use mop the floor regularly to maintain a quality floor always.

a neat and hygienic bathroom doesn’t just end in a day, it requires continuous
practice and regular sacrifice. Follow the following steps and your bathroom
will always look new.

● To avoid contaminating any disease, it is advisable that you put on gloves. Rub your toilet with your favorite washing product and scrub. When you are through washing, spray the outside of your toilet and inside as well with disinfectant, rub it down with paper towel and then flush. It doesn’t take much of your time.
● Don’t forget to spray and then wipe down your sink to get rid of toothpaste residue etc. clean your bath-tub as well if you happens to have one.
● Use paper towel or Windex to clean the window.
● Anyhow you want, you can hover, sweep or mop the floor depending on the type of floor you have. Be sure to clean daily and not weekly.

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