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Matt kitchens, specifically matt kitchen cabinets don’t reflect any light and they look more flat than the usual gloss finish. It is the perfect choice for more country, modern or even traditional style kitchen themes.

Matt finish units will definitely look just as great on contemporary style cabinets as it does on more traditional style fronts. In fact, in most areas in Europe, matt finish units are becoming more and more popular than gloss units.

The Pros of matt units
The primary advantage of matt finish fronts is the fact that scratches and fingerprints are far less evident than on gloss finish units.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that there will be no fingerprints or any marks that would eventually show up on the surface; it just means that you won’t see them as much due to the lack of light reflecting on the surface area.

Another distinguishable factor to consider is that the colours of matt cabinets can look more solid and uniform than the gloss ones.

Some Cons of matt units
A surface unit with a matt finish absorbs light rather than reflecting it. The outcome of this feature is a more muted and minimal look, which some home owners are not quite used to. You should also bear in mind that because matt-finish units don’t reflect any light, there won’t be any assurance that it will help make your kitchen space feel a lot bigger, if that’s what you are trying to accomplish.

Also, units with a matt finish are not quite easy to clean as gloss cabinets are, probably because matt surface isn’t as smooth as gloss finish. Even so, they are not really that difficult to clean and maintain. Using a microfibre cloth will do the trick when cleaning these units, for they won’t ever scratch the surfaces.

If you are choosing a laminate material for your units, be sure to check out some samples and see if the material has a smooth flat finish. Several matt-finish laminates have a texture to them, and this factor makes them slightly more challenging to clean as textured finish allows dust and dirt to stick to the surface. Though this shouldn’t stop you from purchasing textured laminates, as they can definitely look unbelievably stunning in the kitchen.

Essential tips when choosing matt
If you love the visual aesthetic of matt finish, but you’re still quite troubled that the whole look might be a bit too flat and dull, then consider these ideas:

The first one is to select a door that has an uncomplicated design in it, choose one that wouldn’t overpower the whole space but still gives an interesting character to the room. Choose a design that casts shadows on the cabinet fronts, creating a feeling of interest and depth.

The second idea would be to blend two diverse colours together and create a contrast, as well as an accent colour blocking the area. All in all, your matt kitchens
should be something that would draw attention to the eye, without being too overpowering.
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