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If you’ve ever considered renovating your home, you’ve likely already searched about the latest trends and the latest materials used in houses today. You may or may not have heard of imported marble, which is a material that’s becoming more and more popular nowadays. Imported marble will surely pique your interest because of its many perceived benefits. How do you use it, though? Why should you consider this material?

Imported Marble for Your Home: Level Up Your Style

It’s time to make an effort to level up your decoration and home renovation game. In fact, if you’re looking for materials locally, you do not need to worry as a lot of suppliers operate locally. Euro Marble in Sydney, for instance, can provide easy to access imported marble in Australia.

Here are some benefits of marble for your home:

  • Easy to acquire and install: Perhaps one of the best benefits of using marble in your home is that they’re generally easy to acquire and install in your home, unlike other materials that are hard to find and require technical assistance to get them working in your home. Marbles can come in tiles or even plain slabs that you can use to accentuate parts of your home.
  • Fits almost any kind of aesthetic: Marbles can come in all shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors, which make it a versatile material for almost any home style or aesthetic. Be it baroque, modern, or even classic, there’s a shade of marble that will complement your style. 
  • Can be used as a benchtop for kitchens: Marbles can also be a sturdy and appealing countertop, which is one of the most popular uses of marble. Marble benchtops aesthetically pleasing and can instantly make your kitchen or any part of your home grand looking. Given they’re stain resistant, they make as good dining tables as well.
  • Great as a splashback for emphasis: One of the most efficient ways people use marble is to make it a splashback for enhanced visual effects on rooms. The “simple” nature of marble can put any main decor you have as the center of attention in any environment. You can use marble to create generously attractive backdrops in any room.
  • Enhances overall aesthetics by using it as tiling: Kitchen floors tend to be victims of a lot of staining and spillage, so marble really is a practical choice for tiling stones. They’re not very porous, meaning kitchens and bathrooms can benefit from avoiding water build up. A good design trick is to put up a main decor that is in a contrasting color to the marble.
  • Can be used as decor: If you want to wow your guests as soon as they step in your lounge, you can try uses marble pieces to spice up your coffee tables and dressing tables. You can even use plain marble slabs as coasters, trays, and liners for a sophisticated look.
  • Accentuates your fireplace: When you think of places to put regal stones, you’d likely think of the fireplace. After all, the reflection fire gives off to regal stones can help add sophistication to any living area. Marble is a practical choice as a fireplace mantel, given a lot of marble shades do tend to give off winter vibes. This helps emphasize the “point” of the fireplace as something that provides heat, enhancing its aesthetic impact.
  • Excellent as a bathtub veneer: It’s mentioned that marble can work as good tiling for bathrooms and kitchens, but marble is also available as marble veneer for bathtubs and shower for a modern and sleek appearance. Your bath time will feel extra luxurious when you are surrounded by beautiful marble.

The Bottom Line: Upgrade Your Home with Imported Marble

If you’ve ever considered yourself a design enthusiast, you’ve likely considered renovations for your home down to the last detail. After all, designs are best executed with the right materials, right? If you want to try something new for a change, imported marble is the answer. It can make a vast difference with the outcome of your home renovation.