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Your home may be well-built with the eye-catching exterior and interior designs, but that’s not enough to keep visitors coming. Visitors are more into the amenities that your home brings such as the swimming pools. With an exotic swimming pool, they will keep coming for fun swimming activities. Note the differences in the swimming pool material types. Amongst them, we endorse the unbeatable fibreglass pools. Know more about fibreglass pools to have a glimpse about their styles and designs.

Our endorsement of the fibreglass pools has taken into account its pros and cons as compared to other materials such as vinyl and the concrete. Concrete is prevalently used in many households due to its durability. But have you considered the cost implications of installing the concrete swimming pool?

Is concrete swimming pool better than fibreglass?

We dispute that perception based on our observations. Yes, concrete is undoubtedly durable. But it requires extensive maintenance that other homeowners may not like in a long run. To install the concrete swimming pool, it takes several months with all the plastering needed. Moreover, the concrete surface is porous and thus susceptible to the formation of algae, which will prompt the use of sanitizing chemicals to clean. These chemicals are not environmentally friendly. So, consider these setbacks when considering concrete over the fibreglass.

Even more, swimmers may not be impressed with the surface of the concrete pool scratching their feet the longer they say in it. With the fibreglass the surface is smooth, so, no scratching of feet no matter how long you swim. When installing concrete, consider the extra costs of installing the steps and the benches around the pool.

It appears that visitors will be more impressed with the fibreglass appeal and pros than they would with the concrete pools. In short, fibreglass is better than concrete pools in most cases. The broad range of shapes and designs of the fibreglass pools will leave the visitors eye-caught. Moreover, it will save you more money.

The benefits of installing fibreglass pools

Fibreglass swimming pools have the setbacks too. For instance, they are often manufactured away from the home. So the shipping restrictions limit their sizes and the shapes when transporting them. They may not be ideal for homeowners looking for large pools to impress communities. That’s a minor setback that cannot outweigh the benefits as highlighted below:

  • Low maintenance costs – although the fibreglass costs almost like the concrete, its maintenance costs are fairly low. The surface is not porous, so not possibilities of algae growing in the pool. This eliminates the need for rigorous and frequent maintenance using sanitizing chemicals.
  • Non-abrasive surface – the gel coat is smooth compared to the rough surface of the concrete. So it won’t affect the bare feet of your visitors. That’s impressive, isn’t?
  • Integrated benches and steps – there are no extra costs needed to install the steps or erect some seats around the pools because they are built-in.
  • Quick to install – in less than 5 weeks, you swimming pool can be manufactured to your specifications and then installed. The manufacturer will fit in a ready-dug hole.
  • Surface lasts longer – there is no leak or any need to re-plaster the surface. So it turns out to last longer than it counterpart concrete.

Moreover, fibreglass pools are beautiful. You can select from a range of shapes and colors from a reliable manufacturer. They will leave a lasting impression to the swimmers. In terms, they are also safe should any person fall badly into the swimming pool.

No matter what kind of entertainment you decide to have in your home, be it a birthday party or a wedding, a fibreglass pool swimming pool is always a great add-on. Swimming pools are must-haves especially for the hot summer days. Make it more enticing by bringing chilly drinks and let everyone gather to enjoy while swimming. This way you will impress everyone coming to your home.

We did not really discourage you in considering the vinyl or the concrete, but gave you the safest and the affordable option. Potential real estate buyers are content with the fibreglass pools because of the low maintenance costs. So, not only will you impress the visitors but also the potential buyers of your home should you decide to put it on sale.