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It is a popular belief that horoscopes pertain only to individuals and can be used to harness the possibility of a better future, but what is largely unknown to the masses is that just like us, our houses also have horoscopes and a proper understanding of this can help you in bettering your fortune and that of your family.

An understanding of a home horoscope can aid in creating a relaxing environment for our homes and restore our vital energies, eventually leading to good health, harmony and a balanced home. A house horoscope consulting session can facilitate in understanding these dynamics and the energy in your house better by observing the synergy of the architecture, structure, placement of belongings and general interior decor.

Just as rays of the sun manifest life on earth, in the same way, other planetary constellations and celestial beings also emit rays and energies which affect life on our planet and also your living space. Aligning and synchronizing your house with the geomagnetism of the earth will amplify positive vibrational forces of your home. A harmonious home is a home which can help in the growth of a variety of activities and individuals while retaining its healing essence. But creating such a home takes time, and the aid of Astro-Architecture, which makes use of ancient sciences to shift the energy in your home, helps to create a place which has a healthy and happy energy. This is based on the principle that if you live in a house which has good energy, your energy too will become well-balanced, healthy and positive.

House astrology focuses on the anatomy of space, which will reflect in all aspects of your life from your love life to your career and even your relationship with your children. It is imperative that people wake up to the importance of Astro-Architecture, because a house astrology consultation is a step towards eventually healing your life and the manifestation of your dreams into reality.

In this blog, I aim to share my knowledge and bring to you deeper insights into the fascinating workings of house astrology and the integrated science of Astro-Architecture, so watch this space for more!