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Bidets are becoming an everyday bathroom feature and many people opt to rely on them for their daily hygiene purposes. They can be used after or even instead of toilets because they offer many different features. Also, many people with certain medical conditions rely on it, as well as women who are recovering from childbirth. However, since there are so many types and features of bidets, it is important to choose the right one that will satisfy all your daily needs.

Types of bidets

Types of bidets are divided into three major ones and they all have their benefits: standalone toilet, attached sprayer and seat style bidets. Each of them has its own unique functionality and features.

Bidet toilets

Standalone toilet bidets are permanent fixtures that are usually installed right next to the toilet. They will take up some significant floor space and they will require high investment. They have knobs like those on a sink which will allow you to manage the water flow and temperature. Many of the models have both hot and cold water controls and they have a center handle that will manage the direction of the water.

Bidet sprayers

This type of bidet consists of a handheld sprayer which is similar to the one in the kitchen and it is attached to the toilet. You can either mount it on the side of your toilet or a nearby wall, but it is connected to the toilet for water sources. This type typically offers cold water only, but there are some models with optional attachments for water temperature control. Additionally, this type takes up very little space, it is easy to remove and it is one of the affordable options.

Bidet seats

The third model consists of a seat that has all the necessary bidet components and it replaces the toilet seat. These seats have a plastic or stainless steel nozzle and different models will offer different water jets varying in directional and oscillating options. This model, too, attaches to the toilet as the water source and some models will allow you to control the temperature of the water. Usually, bidet seats are operated manually, but premium bidet toilet seats usually have electronic controls and can even offer heated seats.


Every type and model of a bidet will have its own features. However, electronic ones will provide you with plenty of features you can use, while manual ones tend to be rather simple and somewhat limited.

Washing modes

When it comes to washing modes, electronic bides offer many different options. You can choose different flow patterns, such as oscillating, enema, pulse and many others. The oscillating spray provides soothing comfort and it covers a wider area; the enema one provides a circular spray providing a massage-like feel; while the pulse one can also cover a wider area but its spray is more direct and strong.


Nozzle options differ as well. You can opt for a stationary one-nozzle bidet that only washes the posterior. Also, there are two-nozzle models that wash both posterior and anterior. Lastly, you can opt for a movable one-nozzle model which allows you to change the angle of the nozzle and wash both anterior and posterior.

Remote control features

This feature is one of the most useful ones. Electronic seat bidets have their control panels attached to the side of the seat or they are on a separate remote. They are available either in wired or wireless form and can be operated with only one hand. Additionally, remote control bidets offer control of water and seat temperature, deodorizer, air drying, water flow patterns and more.

Water temperature adjustment

Water temperature control typically comes with contemporary bidet toilets and with some bidet seats. However, it can be an additional feature on attachment sprayers. In order to heat the water, you can attach the bidet to the hot water source, such as you sink, or you can provide a small water heater and attach it to the bidet. 

The technology has advanced and thus provided us with many different types of bidets. According to the user’s daily needs, each model of a bidet offers different features that will provide functionality and comfort for the user.