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Installing a Curved Radiator in a Bay Window
if you had a bay window in your home, your radiator options were very limited.
However, with modern technology we have the ability to create curved radiators
that can fit precisely on a curved surface. What this means is that there are
suddenly a lot more design options available for your home when you have bay
windows, and when you are looking to upgrade your heating system. 

Working Out What You Need

you start to look at all of the radiator options that are available to you, it
is important that you work out exactly what you need first. The first place to
start is to work out the BTU
(British Thermal Unit)
that is required to
heat your room sufficiently. There are plenty of ways to do this, but there is
also a handy tool on the calculator.net website that can work this out for you.
You will also need to measure your window precisely to ensure that any radiator
that you purchase will be able to fit comfortably. Once you know what your
requirements are, you can then start shopping around to purchase your new
curved radiators. 

What To Buy 

you look online for curved radiators, you will come across many companies that
offer these to their customers. As with purchasing anything else, it is
important that you shop around and try to find a trusted company like Radiator
, to buy your radiators. Make
yourself a short-list of potential companies and compare both of their
products, as well as their service. Rather than looking for testimonials on a
company website, search the internet for people’s reviews of businesses, on
independent websites, as these are often more impartial.
to each business either over the telephone, or via email, and ask them
questions about their products. Some companies may also offer installation,
which when bundled together with the radiator can help to reduce the cost. 

Do Not Forget the Boiler 

you are going to the expense of upgrading your heating system then it is also
important to make sure that you have an energy efficient boiler
that is going to be up to the job of heating your home. Older systems tend to
be less efficient, so it may be worth your while replacing your old boiler with
a modern one that will help to keep your heating costs down. As well as installing
an efficient boiler
you can also add
extra insulation, as well as thermostatic valves to each of the radiators in
your home. Double glazing and also fitting draft excluders can also help to
keep your home nice and warm.  

offer lovely views from our homes, but they also let a lot of heat escape. So
if you have a bay window anywhere in your home, placing a curved radiator
underneath it will help to keep your room nice and warm through winter. Sitting
by your window and enjoying the lovely views is possible when you install a
curved radiator and will allow you to stay warm while you take in the