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When it comes to installing new light
fittings it’s very important to ensure you get the correct guidance. It can be
very straightforward, however knowing the basics is key. Having an
understanding on light fittings will however enable you to save some money, as
well as do odd jobs around your home. The most common light fitting in
households today is the spotlight
, however most traditional homes will still have a ceiling
rose with a pendant lamp
. Here’s a guide on how to fit both types of light

installing New Light Fittings

Rose Pendant
Ensure to switch of power at
the main unit for the circuit you are targeting.
Remove the cover from the
ceiling rose, then carefully look for which wires are used within the circuit.
You may have a single wire that
leads in to the ceiling rose, if so this means that you have a junction box
type circuit. You want to have a brown cable (Live cable), a blue cable
(neutral) and a green/yellow cable (Earth). This will ensure your job is easier
as you have colour coding, ensure your lighting
junction box
is still fit for purpose
If your ceiling rose has more
conductors, it may be part of a loop circuit, and if so your new light fitting
will need a new junction box.
Start with the switch cable and
disconnect each conductor. Pop some masking tape on the cable so it can be
easily identified
Repeat this process and label
each cable accordingly
Unscrew the rose from the
ceiling and remove it from its place, being careful of the cables as you bring
it down
Choose where will be best for
your new junction box, then run a new length of cable along where you wish to
place your new junction box.
Connect together your cables to
your new junction box, being extra careful when moving the cables.
Once connected, clip the
junction box cover back into place and fix it to the chosen place for it to go.
If you need to gain extra knowledge or
do not feel confident with wiring, you can always call an electrician who will
be able to work on this for you.
light fittings
Ensure to turn off all
electricity at the mains before starting work on any light fittings.
Gently pull entire fitting down
from the ceiling
Open the junction box and
disconnect the old lighting wires, you can replace with a lever cage clamp if
 Connect the wires inside the supplied
transformer, be careful not to do it too hard as the cables are delicate.
Connect cables from transformer
to clamp in the junction box
Turn the electricity back on,
and using a detector check the power is reaching the correct light.
Insert the fitting back into
the ceiling and test them out