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Since 2000, the Pantone Colour Institute has been choosing a “Colour of the Year”. Representatives of the colour standards group secretly meet twice a year in one of the European capitals for decision-making. Pantone has a high opinion on the significance of colour. In their own words, the colour “has always been an integral part of how a culture expresses the attitudes and emotions of the times”.

This year they chose Ultra Violet for the Colour of the Year 2018. Ultra Violet represents possibilities and inspiration to seek new frontiers and challenges. It’s the colour of freedom and non-conformity for those who want to leave a unique mark on the world.

“It’s truly a reflection of what’s needed in our world today”, said Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Pantone Colour Institute for The New York Times. And continues, “We wanted to pick something that brings hope and an uplifting message.”

Ultra violet is the colour of the cosmos and spirituality, creating a provocation of all senses. Designers are already pairing it up with the newest design trends for 2018. Its royal presence will bring rebirth to a space, even though purple is a challenging colour to design with.

1.     Violet details

Ultra violet is the perfect colour to accentuate a detail or more in your home. Among the neutral colour shades, an ultra violet carpet or cushions will give character and dazzle to the room. It will bring panache and personalise the living room. But even the home office can have a little spark in the form of an ultra violet desk.

A crystal violet door knob will look great on vintage white doors. And the greatest thing is that it’s desirable to leave the white paint rustic. This will be in contrast to the doorknob, representing the clash between the future and the passing of time.

2.     Paint it violet

Walls may seem like the trickiest of all, but if you complement them with appropriate furniture you will create a brazen and liberated space. Use monochrome patterns for drapes and interwoven black and white threads of the carpet.

But pairing it up with the shades of its own colour family will really let it speak. Ultra violet walls will go great with the darker violet and plum of the upholstery. Navy blue shelves and carpet will be the perfect match, and everything else can be embellished in white like the background of the cushion covers’ pattern and wooden chair frames.

3.     Violet furniture

Being daring is one of the aspects of ultra violet, so you should try to be daring, too. Don’t worry that violet furniture will create a chaos of colour, but rather use it to bring out the passion. An ultra violet sofa against neutrally coloured walls and green curtains will allow you to be fearless in your own space.

Violet chairs will go great with grey carpet and white walls with grey patterns, since it will bring layers into the simplicity. A big bed with an ultra violet cover and leopard print for the headboard paired with a crystal chandelier will give classiness to the bedroom.

4.     Bring in the lights

If ultra violet is futuristic, then LED lights are perfect to illuminate it. Experts from Azoogi Lighting believe that “the right lighting can bring out the best elements of your environment”. Since ultra violet represents the openness of space, bulbs with natual illumination will suit it best. If you have a rich source of daylight, let it in to revive the violet shades. Just like in nature, ultra violet likes to be in the spotlight and that’s when its magic comes to life.

5.     Violet textures and patterns

Flowers were everywhere in this year’s design and they’re not leaving anytime soon. Big, ultra violet flowers on the backround in a brighter shade of the same colour will add to the elegance. Ultra violet will bring out the royalty of your space if you use it in high-end luxurious style.

Playing with violet textures is inspiring for those looking for innovative solutions. Instead of using complicated patterns, try more simplified geometrical forms like lines and rectangles. Pictures and paintings with ultra violet textures are going to become the centrepiece of any décor, and a lamp shade will give a soft and dreamy light to the room.

6.     Royal bathroom

Bathrooms are perfect for ultra violet shades since it is the label for unconventionality. A bathtub in the ultra violet colour placed in the centre of a white bathroom will make you feel like royalty. Playing with tiles is also an option. Although white and ultra violet checker tile may sound ordinary, they are anything but in reality.

If you want to reinvent your shower, use ultra violet for the tile wall. It will be quite futuristic if paired with a big overhead silver showerhead. Ultra violet candles and toiletries are a nice detail in the pristine sink area in white marble.

In the end

Don’t deny yourself some luxury which comes with the ultra violet shade. It has been used in interior design before, but only by the bold and adventurous. Now it’s time for this colour to shine bright and bring out what it was chosen for: “Inventiveness and imagination”.