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JAC Interiors began serving Southern California and the Mojave Desert in 2012 and has quickly gained notoriety for its spectacular service, as well as its signature styles. Here is a bit more about each JAC Interiors’ signature style:

Coastal Chic:

This style highlights all of the benefits of living on the coast with expansive, spacious décor that offers the opportunity to cozy up in the dining room, living room or patio. The color scheme is basic grey, silver and white with occasional splashes of blues and aquamarines to add the coastal touch. Whether you are living right by the coast, or simply love the relaxed atmosphere of the ocean, this is a style to consider.  

Modern Eclectic:

This look combines the best of traditional furniture with modern innovation, and adds a dash of fun. Fans of this style are not afraid to add a splash of color into their décor, be it rich blue or berry pink. If fuzzy rugs and pillows sound like your idea of comfort, you may just love JAC Interiors Modern Eclectic style.

Desert Design:

This style is cool and comfortable. Whether you are living in the desert, or in desert -like parts of Los Angeles, you know that temperatures will vary dramatically. Mostly, the desert is hot, which is why JAC Interior’s desert design balances your home with cool, understated colors. The style focuses on light grey, peach, and browns while adding just the right amount of cool blues and cheery reds. However, cool nights make cozy couches and warm rugs a necessity, and here too desert design doesn’t disappoint.

While the JAC styles are impressive, the firm’s decorators are known for innovation and their willingness to work with their clients. If you are looking for a new look for your home, you can trust the beverly hills interior decorators at JAC Interiors.