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When it comes to our gardens, many of us
are guilty of barely remembering to mow the lawn and water the plants, let
alone put conscious time and effort into perfecting the landscape. While it can
seem like a daunting task, improving the landscape of your garden improves the
overall aesthetic value of your home, making it a viable option for
entertaining guests in on brighter days.
There are several ways to improve your
garden landscape, ranging from something as simple as planting flowers, to more
extensive projects requiring numerous resources and landscaping tools.

Incorporating container plants to your
garden is an incredibly easy way of adding colour and texture to the
appearance. The initial cost is low, upkeep and maintenance costs are low and
as they are in pots, plants can be moved around to suit your needs.
Raised flower beds are a great way of
adding interest to certain points in your garden. Use around the edge to create
a border which allows you to put up decorative walls, or use in the middle of
your garden as a way of adding in seating.
Large gardens can look dull when compromising
of just one stretch of lawn so adding boundaries is a great way of shaking up
the landscape. Use small paving slabs, shrubs or decorative pieces to
distinguish between different areas, such as flower beds, rocks and grass.
A rock garden is a beautiful way of adding
layers into your garden. Unlike many methods of cultivation, rock gardens look
extremely natural and are therefore a very relaxing piece of landscape. If
possible, lay your rock garden on a sunny facing hill as the slant emphasises
the different layers of rock and plants.
Arbours act as both a visually pleasing and
functional piece of garden furniture. They provide a place to sit in shade in
summer and offer protection against the elements in winter. Entwine three of
four climbing plants along the sides and up the roof for a truly stunning
colour show.
If your garden is particularly long or
wide, a sweeping pathway can break it up and enable you to create distinct
areas. It also gives a way of visiting your garden without the need for
stepping on grass which can often cause damage when wet or frosted.
A summer house, green house or shed is a
big commitment so make sure it is right for you before purchasing one. The
space needed means they’re not suitable for small gardens, although if you have
a lot of tools and clutter it could be used for storage. When used in the right
garden, they are extremely visually pleasing and can provide functional
benefits which outweigh loss of space.
Adding water to your garden can make the
area seem more peaceful. For bigger spaces, a pond with fauna and plants is a
great option. Smaller spaces can incorporate compact waterfalls or even
decorative bird baths to gain the beauty of water.

Adding fencing to your garden can redefine
borders and feel less imposing than tall hedges. These can be painted to match
your garden ambience and used as a boundary for flower beds and shrubs.