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Thinking about remodelling your bathroom? Next to the kitchen, it is one of the most frequently remodelled rooms in the home. And, of all the things in the bathroom that could be replaced, upgrading to a new bathroom vanity is one of the best ways to add usability, style, and even value. Of course, you need to know a few things before you buy a new vanity.

The Right Style

One of the first considerations that you will need to make is the style of the vanity. Do you want to go with rustic chic? Prefer something a bit more minimalist? Want a vanity that is unapologetically modern? Define the style of the vanity, and make sure that it ties in with the style of the other fixtures and features in the bathroom first.

Finish Type

Once upon a time, the bathroom vanity was little more than a utilitarian cabinet used to hold things like toothbrushes and soap. Today, they’re essential pieces of your overall aesthetic. You can choose from a very wide range of finish types. Do you want something dark and exotic? Perhaps you’d rather go with a bright, vibrant vanity. From bold paint to subtle staining, you’ll find a host of options out there.


The size of your vanity is just as important as the style you choose, and it will affect everything from the aesthetic of the bathroom to how usable it is. The size should match the number of people who will regularly use it, but don’t go overboard, as a too-large vanity can be worse than one that is smaller. You should also make sure that the vanity is sized appropriately for the space in the bathroom as well as any other upgrades that you’ll be doing. For instance, if you’ll be expanding the shower in a small bath, then you will most likely want to go with a smaller vanity to maximise usable space and avoid dominating the room.

When it comes time to choose your bathroom vanities, you should take a look at your local bathroom warehouse.