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Finding the right Yin to balance out the Yang in any room can be a somewhat daunting task. Every room in your home can be considered a personal sanctuary and making it a place of equilibrium requires some consideration when picking out homewares and decor. Floor rugs are like the centerpiece, the highlight, and the direction that the eye falls upon when entering your little haven. With so many to choose from, finding a unique and intricate floor rug can work well with other items in the room and accentuate desired colors or patterns. In order to bring balance to your space, follow these simple steps when choosing a new floor rug.

1. Make your room POP 

Floor rugs can be an investment so be sure to decide upon a budget and find one that is worth it. If you’re an avid traveller, consider purchasing an oriental rug the next time you visit Turkey, Iran, China, Morocco, Pakistan, India or Romania. An exotic and intricate rug will not only remind you of your amazing holiday, but will also have handiwork that is unlike any that could be purchased close to home. These rugs not only have stories that will evoke images of your time spent purchasing them, but can also be used as a dramatic start upon which to choose matching furniture and other decor.

2.There are tricks that will improve the flow of your space

Simply put, finding the right rug will make your room look perfect. The floor rug should ground the space while also defining the boundaries of the room. If the size is off, the balance will be too. If you end up with a rug that is too small, the room will appear to be lopsided and unsettled; too big and your home improvement purchase will totally overpower and overwhelm every other aspect of the room. Gather inspiration from Goldilocks and find a rug that fits juuuust right. If you have a huge room that you’d like to make feel more homey, look for a knit design or checkered pattern that will have a compacting effect on the room. Alternatively, if you want to make a tiny space look more spacious, try to find a rug that has floral patterns or long lines.

3. More About Size… 

Contemplate the area that needs covered (duh). You may have beautiful hardwood floors that can be accented by a rug without ending up being totally blanketed and hidden by a wall-to-wall monstrosity. It’s also important to take measurements if you’re planning on placing the rug beneath furniture – you don’t want a slanted sofa that doesn’t have a rug underneath all four legs! If the rug isn’t intended to go beneath furniture, consider placing it at the center and artfully arrange your furnishings around the beautiful new addition.

4. And shape Choosing The Right Floor Rug

So, you like to throw the occasional dinner party; consider a long antique rug that entirely covers the area of your dining room table AND the chairs once they’re pulled out. Maybe you have kids or pets (or husbands) that forget to take their shoes off after walking through mud; try a large area rug that has dark colors or patterns to conceal the occasional mess. Perhaps you’d like your living space to become a place for conversation; a round-shaped rug may be used underneath your coffee table to become thecentre of attention and focus.

5.Match the style of your room 

You don’t want to waste time and money on a rug that totally clashes with all of the other adornments of your room. Don’t pick something antique-y to go with modern furniture and artwork. Similarly, don’t ruin a totally boho-esque space by adding a plain and boring rug. Having a little common sense while searching for the perfect rug will also tell you that color matters and that it’s important to consider color schemes. A simple way to improve the balance of the room is to pair light colored walls with patterned rugs.


When it comes to finding the right rug, there are endless options. Many rug producers will accept custom orders so when it comes to finding the perfect rug, the sky is the limit! Any wish regarding style, shape, color, shape and design can be incorporated into the new addition to your abode. Both classic and contemporary designs can be accommodated for, there are thousands of designs and colors that have already been produced, and many rug companies will even help you create a design that is a perfect fit. So, are you ready for rug hunting?

Katie Wells is a proud creator and communicator in her life and loves to explore. She’s also an award winning food buff and a specialist in all things Bacon. An entrepreneur of 36ave.com, unfinished wood furniture for sale, and a travel practitioner, she’s ready to take on the world.