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Kitchen is undoubtedly the place in a house that attracts maximum attention. It is one place in the house that is visible to all unlike bedrooms and leaves a lasting impression on your visitors. But if you do not want to invest in a complete kitchen makeover, redecorate with these latest trends to make your kitchen into a new one.

Light up your kitchen with innovative lighting, with scones being the latest trend among homeowners. Since bold colors are a passé, lighting up the kitchen is the latest trend. Sconces are upper cabinet lighting, as opposed to the old trend of under-cabinet lighting. It gives a spacious look to the space as fixtures allow for more space for decorative lighting. Being adjustable, they have the option of being aimed at in any direction where it is most needed. Look for brass and iron to give your kitchen a unique look. The light and shadow play with the counter tops and backslashes in light colors in the space is a hot trend among homeowners.

This infographic aims at helping homeowners with the latest kitchen trends in the market that will help them to redesign their kitchen.