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The kitchen is the gathering place for meal preparation, homework, family meetings and dining. Even if you have a small kitchen, there are many ways to give your kitchen the illusion of having more space. Determine your budget before you start making a kitchen remodeling plan. Follow a few ideas and tips to make the most out of your small kitchen.

Kitchen Layout

The popular work triangle is an effective starting point when converting small kitchen space into smart space. This involves keeping the main appliances within an unobstructed reach of each other. The work triangle includes the sink, dishwasher, refrigerator and oven. Remove large appliances and store them to give you more counter space for preparing meals. It is important to keep food preparation, storage, cooking and washing as efficient and easy as possible.

Professional Remodeling Tips

You can hire a contractor to remove walls and other elements that restrict your small kitchen. If it is in your budget to hire a professional, then look for one in your community that has a good reputation for high-quality work. You can browse through photos of kitchens online to identify your style. Make sure you stay on your remodeling budget without getting carried away with fancy upgrades and pricey accessories.Expect your kitchen to be out of working order for a while during the remodeling job. You will need to plan meals in your microwave or have meals delivered. The lines of communication should be open between you and the contractor. Keep in mind that things may not go as planned during the remodeling. A positive attitude will ensure an enjoyable experience.

How to Use Color

The color of your kitchen has a lot to do with the way it looks and feels. A small kitchen may benefit with light colors on the cabinets, countertops, walls and floors. Solid door cabinets can be replaced with glass ones to open up the space. Look for colors that you can find in nature. Earth tones and seashore colors work together to create an open kitchen feel. Consider lighting upgrades that include lighting under the cabinets, recessed ceiling lights and track lighting. You can expect to spend under $100 to improve the kitchen lighting area. Bright lighting will make the kitchen appear larger.

Storage Space

Creating more storage space in a small kitchen will make it appear larger. Stackable shelves will make the most of your kitchen cabinets. Consider using undershelf baskets to store kitchen tools and other items that are frequently used for meal preparation. The space above your kitchen cabinets is a great place to store wine bottles or other items.If you have the space above your kitchen cabinets, you can also mount additional shelves to create more space. Create more space inside cabinet doors with file holders. A tension rod can be used to hold spray bottles and other items underneath the sink. Pot racks under the cabinets can hold pots and pans more efficiently than stacking them inside.

Kitchen Design Tips
The flooring and tile you choose for your kitchen should be easy to clean and coordinate with the other colors in the room. Tile is available in a variety of materials including ceramic, porcelain and natural stone. Ceramic tile is attractive and durable. It is also fireproof and makes a great backdrop for the stove. Porcelain tile absorbs less moisture and doesn’t stain easily. It is also easy to maintain and requires no sealing or polishing. Natural stone that includes granite and travertine are great choices for kitchen countertops and a popular choice for today’s modern kitchen.

The kitchen design is important since it is an important selling point when you decide to sell your home. According to Maritz Researchers, more than half of home buyers said the kitchen had the most impact on their purchasing decision. The kitchen has always been considered the heart of the home. This is where the majority of time is spent on cooking, meal preparation and entertaining. Design tips can be found on social media sites, television and magazines.

Choosing the kitchen color scheme includes deciding on countertops first since they are the first thing visitors notice when entering the kitchen. Create contrast in the kitchen by matching floors and countertops. The cabinets should coordinate with the floors and countertops and are secondary. You can also match cabinets and countertops and use flooring as a contrast.

Sleek granite countertops go well with modern steel appliances. Visit new home showrooms to get more kitchen design ideas that inspire you to get creative. You can also hire a professional designer by consulting friends, family members or coworkers. Choose new appliances that are energy-efficient and save you money. Energy-efficient dishwashers use less water than hand washing your dishes. You can make your small kitchen look as good as a showroom with a good plan and decorating ideas.

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