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A dining table is one of the most occupied pieces of furniture in the house. It is where the family and guests gather and eat together. This is the place you have great conversations and where memories are made.

For such reasons, your dining table must meet the needs of your family and guests. It is truly important that you have a perfect dining table that is suitable for your home. To help you choose the right dining table, we have listed the following guidelines you should consider before buying one:

1. Measure your dining area

The space for the dining table must be the first thing to consider. Your dining table must be proportionate to the size of the room or dining space. This means that if you have a spacious room, your dining table could be medium or large sized. Likewise, if you have a smaller place, you must opt for a small dining table.

To come up with the right dining table size, you must allow clearance of three feet between your table and the walls on all sides. If there is other furniture in the room, you must begin measuring the three feet from the edge of the furniture to the table. Measure the width of your dining area and then subtract six feet from the total width and the length. This measurement is the potential size for your dining table.

On the other hand, if you have a cramped space, you must opt for a small or extendable dining table. But, be sure that the size of the dining table is at least 24 inches in length and 12 inches in width to make you and your guests or family comfortable.

2. Determine the seating capacity and size

You must know how many people you would like to seat at your dining table. A round table that has a diameter of four or five feet with legs could seat around four guests. Meanwhile, a table with a five foot diameter with a pedestal base seats six guests. A six foot diameter table with legs or pedestal base seats around eight guests.

On the other hand, a rectangular table with a length of four feet could seat four people and tables that are five to six feet can generally seat up to eight. If you entertain regularly, it may be good to consider a table that is at least seven or nine feet long, as these can seat eight or ten people, respectively.

3. Opt for an appropriate shape of the table

There are various shapes of dining tables such as round, oval, square, and rectangle. A round table is flexible and best suits a small space. It has no sharp corners in which people could bump. At the same time, you could have more seating capacity, particularly with tables with a pedestal base. You may also opt for a square table for a medium or large size room.

Meanwhile, rectangular or oval tables fit better in a narrow or large room. With this, you will have a good traffic flow. These are also best for a big family.

4. Choose your style

You may select from different dining table styles, like modern and contemporary, farmhouse, classic, bistro, country, and island table, among others. You may consider the interior design of your house in choosing the design of your table. If your interiors are more of a contemporary style, you may opt for a modern styled table. The dining tables by Brosa are innovative and built with good quality materials. They are structurally sound too.  

5. Opt for a sturdy table

A durable dining table that will last for many years is recommended. You should select a table that is sturdy, as this will be used in your home for years to come. A table made from hardwood like mahogany, oak, walnut, teak, and maple could last for an extended period. You may also consider a glass table, which is generally found to be durable. Most of the glass tables nowadays are made with tempered safety glass that resists heat and scratches and would not break easily. Marble tables are not only durable but also beautiful, and may be a good choice for your home – that is if you’re willing to pay a higher price.  


The right dining table for you is the one that is within the limit of your budget. Yes, you will find the ideal table for your dining room with the right measurements, materials and the style you like – all within your budget. A perfect dining table will make your family and guests comfortable, resulting in beautiful meals and pleasant conversations. What are you waiting for? Begin your search for your perfect kitchen table today!