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Nowadays, tiles are being used more on an entire kitchen décor context rather than on just a kitchen sink backsplash basis. This is because they come in many patterns and textures to suit all your individual home luxury and/or sophistication needs.

If you go online, you probably will see some of the latest kitchen wall tile designs and for sure, you will be impressed. This is probably even the reason why you are reading this article- to get every important piece of information relevant for givingyour entire kitchen wall that new tile look! This is wise because visiting tile designer showrooms when you already know what you want will ensure that you have the upper hand in making all the refurbishment decisions. Besides, it is your home we are talking about here, right?!

After choosing the best tile option for your kitchen, then the next question is; do you need a contractor? Well, tiles are quite easy to install, but you might need a contractor if you are not a DIY type of person.

What should you look out for really?

Virtually every concept designer out there knows that the kitchen is literally the best room of every home that youcan be creative with tiles however you want without seeming absurd. What this literally means is that your kitchen wall can take different varieties of tiles in terms of color and texture.

For a kitchen wall, glass tiles are the best way to go. They are not only the best choice for a backsplash, but they are also highly aesthetic, highly customizable,easy to clean, and will surely last a lifetime. However, considering the fact that yourkitchen wall tiles won’t be under much pressure such as that of floor tiles, you can still choose and combine from ceramic, natural stone, and porcelain for an even better ornate flair.

The idea is to throw in contrast as much as possible. For example, you can define the wall section around your sink (already tiled) by surrounding it with one row of metallic tile. Marble and mosaic patterns also go well together.

Pay attention to detail

Probably all tile designs will help bring your kitchen alive. When you pay close attention to every detail, the results will be even better. For instance, don’t just assume that you won’t need tile spacers because you bought the tiles already spaced nicely on the packaging sheet. How you cut the tiles could also make a huge difference.

Choosing the best color

When choosing the colors, you should follow this rule; go with unique, reasonably bright color accents. Bright colors are welcoming, comfortable, and generally help keep the kitchen clean because you can easily spot the dirty patches.

Although white is really a great color for your kitchen, gone are the days when you have to stick to color uniformity. No worries if you can’t really do without a tinge of white because it goes really well with other colors.