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Planning a new landscape design is a great challenge, but also a good way for you to explore your creativity and ability in landscape design. 2016 trends introduce even bigger popularity of indoor looking gardens with interesting furniture that is both attractive and functional. Planting various flowers, shrubs, trees and bushes and making a vibrant colour scheme in both front and back yard, is just one of the gorgeous trends 2016 offers you, alongside many others.

Outdoor Living 

Outdoor entertainment has become more common for people who have large backyards, which is why landscapes can be considered as the extension of the indoor space. It is important that the outdoor furniture is both comfortable and functional. For the ultimate dining room setting, a weatherproof table and chairs make the perfect combination. Redwood, cedar, teak, and cypress are the best water-resistant woods that will save you the trouble of regular maintenance. Aluminium, PVC and plastic are inexpensive, lightweight, easy to maintain and rustproof, so chairs and tables made of these materials are perfect as garden furniture.

Backyard should always be colourful, filled with vibrant colours, varied textures and accessories. If you are looking for items that will provide you with comfort and make your house the most welcoming place, choose throw pillows and cushions for the garden decorations. Look for the materials that will resist staining, mildew and moulding, such as polyester and solution-dyed acrylic. For those who go with Mediterranean-themed landscape, bright, colourful patterns will perfectly compliment the overall design.

A hammock can be the best addition to the outdoor design, because it offers comfort and it is great for kids to swing on it. Both adults can use this outdoor item when they want to relax with the good book, and by children who want to take a nap in it or just play while swinging on it.

Light it up
A palette of colours perfect for accentuating the design of the plants, the lawn décor and the entire yard area is exactly what colour filters offer nowadays. Forget all about white lights, and choose the colourful option instead. Highlight the best part of your landscape design by introducing coloured filters and creating the dramatic outdoor setting.

Mount small lights on the trees or trellis, hide them in plantings or walkways and add the depth to a certain outdoor area. They are very attractive, and they provide an accent to the features of the landscape that you choose.

Pavers set on a 4-inch layer of compacted sand is one of the options you should consider for the garden path. It can lead from the house to the patio or even from the front door to the driveway. Form a trail across the lawn by placing pavers of sandstone atop a base of compact sand. The rectangular shape placed about five inches apart will be a great addition to the landscape design.

Lavender and golden Mexican feather grass alongside other low grasses and perennials will make your path interesting and unique. While placing lavender on one side, plant thyme peeks on the other and create the perfect balance of colour and design.

A path is perfect for connecting the gate with the front door, so placing a curved one with soft greens on the side is a great idea. Use a stamped concrete and a dusting of multicoloured sand to add a touch of texture to it. Additionally, a fountain or a pond will make the garden look like a true oasis.

Garden Design
Growing trend in landscape design is definitely nature scaping, because it allows people to develop environmentally friendly landscapes. This method concerns using low-maintenance perennial native plants, which benefit the nature. Always choose plants native to your specific area, because they will thrive in your yard and they do not require high garden maintenance. Moreover, these plants need little water and you will not even have to worry about replanting them again, because they will return year after year.

Birdbaths and small ponds will make a great addition to the overall yard design. Furthermore, make them butterfly friendly with places that butterflies can easily perch. What is more, a fountain in the front yard would look amazing, and welcoming. If your front yard is big enough, consider building a fountain and make a real oasis in your home.

Lush landscapes would not have the charm without stone retaining walls, rain gardens and rain barrels. Not only do they look great, but also are functional as well. By collecting, cleaning and stopping water they make the best addition to your garden.

Designing the outdoors of a home is challenging but also very interesting. It will help you express your creativity and talent. In the sea of ideas and choices, find the one that best suits your home and your personal taste, and design the ultimate yard everyone will adore.