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The major principle by which a laser tape measure works is the ‘time to flight’ principle. According to this principle, the distance measured between the sensor and the object is based upon the time difference, between the emission of the signal and its return to the sensor, after being reflected.

The laser tape measurements are accurate. They are used majorly by the contractors, insurance adjusters, architectures, flooring professionals, homeowners and the ones who want to the measurements.

The working of the laser tape depends upon the time to flight principle. This principle postulates that the light travels at fairly constant speed through the atmosphere of Earth. On the inside of the laser tape there is a computerized meter present which quickly calculates the distance to target. Choosing a decent laser tape measure gives an accurate result and can also be used to measure the length of the distance from the Earth to the Moon.

Calculation of the Distance:

The formula used to measure the distance from the meter to the target is, D=ct/2.

Where, c = speed of light

        t = amount of time for round trip to be completed

Why choose Laser?

Laser light travels with the same single frequency, which is focused. They are largely used for measuring the distance because they travel at a constant rate through the atmosphere. It covers a large distance without divergence. It does not loses its intensity throughout the length. Unlike of the white light, it does not lose its original intensity when reflected back.

The laser tape measure is much faster. You just to point, click and the results would be in front of you. You can make use of it with one hand, leaving the other hand free. And it does not want another person to stand on the opposite end. You can also use the laser tape in less light. It have a backlit display which gives this property to the laser tape. There is also no need to worry about the obstacles placed in the path. Laser tape adjusts it itself. These versatile benefits of the laser tape are valuable in the hazardous environment.

Why not Ultrasonic?

The ultrasound has same advantages as that of the laser tape. But the major defect is that it gives less accurate results than the laser tape. Because sound is much more difficult to focus as compared to laser light.

Another disadvantage is that the ultrasound needs large, smooth and flat surfaces as a target. This shows severe limitation of using it. The use of ultrasound gives the gross errors.

Thirdly, there is a range limitation. Ultrasounds measures up to 15 m, whereas the laser tape can measure up to 200m. Even though they are cheaper but you cannot also afford the inaccuracies and limitations.  

Laser Tape Best for Measurement:

The laser tape measure is the simple and reliable method. During the measurement you can add, subtract, multiply, and can calculate the areas and volumes. They are quicker than the other conventional ones. It is also easy to read the digital numbers appear on the scale instead of counting the numbers and adding them. The laser tape eliminates all of the complications. Some laser tape measures gives an opportunity to measure different distances and then add them automatically. The engineers and designers use these laser tapes to construct the 3D objects. The laser tape measures always win on account of speed, safety, versatility, accuracy and functionality.