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Trellis rugs are getting famous these days because of its
unique layered design. Trellis rugs are most famous in US because these rugs
are durable and it looks great. We can use trellis rugs in our living area as well
as in entrance area. These rugs are available in market in various colors and
size, a trellis rug is basically combination of two colors, one color uses as a
base of carpet and another color use as a strip.
Casually Moroccan trellis rugs weave in Morocco
by nomadic people. We can use this rug in open space as well in small area. These types of rugs are quite inexpensive and we
can afford it easily. This rug looks quite good in living area.

Image From Pinterest
   If you want to use this rug in entryway then I
would say its good option because it made for high traffic also.
       This rug proves that it can fit in any area so
once you get bored with it so you can shift it to another place and it will
give you fresh look as before.
        If you want to increase your rug life so you can
use rug pads, it brings the carpet life and it is easily available in
market or you can buy it online.