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If you are running a restaurant in the heart of New Orleans, you know how fierce the competition is. The restaurant business in New Orleans requires you to constantly improve your food quality, and add new and interesting dishes to your menu. However, there is one other factor which tends to be ignored most of the time that is the restaurant interior. You must understand that the people will taste your food only when they are intrigued to enter your restaurant and take a seat there. Therefore, you must also be updated about the latest trends of restaurant interior to combat with your business rivals.

Restaurant Lighting

One of the key elements of interior décor is lighting. The lighting of your restaurant can create the mood of your restaurant, which greatly contributes to the overall appeal of your place. If you want to decorate your restaurants according to the latest lighting trends of the domestic and commercial lighting industry, then follow the article carefully.

Group pendant fixtures
The midcentury modern design of pendant cluster has made its comeback this year for restaurant lighting. If you want to highlight a certain area of your restaurant, you can install a group of similar shaped and sized pendants at different heights to give it dramatic accent lighting. You can also put them in small clusters above the table tops to give it a luxurious dining aura.

Back Bar Lighting
You can do a lot of creative lighting with the bar areas. The recent trend is up lighting along the back bar. You can place LED light bulbs along the rear edge of the back bar shelves, in order to create a pop lighting effect. If you can position this sort of lighting directly behind any transparent liquor bottle, it can have a remarkable impact on advertising your major brands. Nowadays, many people opt for colored LED lighting too behind the back bar to adorn it with color and texture.  

Accent Lights on cords
This kind of minimalist lighting is perfect for romantic settings. If you want your restaurant to be a regular hub for couples enjoying a beautiful romantic evening with delicious food, you can use a simple lamp on the end of a suspended cord as the focal element of your lighting. You can use incandescent lamps also that offer a warmish and soft glow, which is sufficient for reading the menu and eating the food on your table, thereby being the best kinds of accents when suspended over the table.

When you want to create a dim and sensual effect to make the environment a little dark, but do not want to use candle lights, you have to be extremely careful. Too low levels of light might make it inconvenient for the waiters to serve food to various tables and might also make the guests uncomfortable. You have to strike a balance in the lighting design so that there is pinpoint lighting above the table tops, and further highlight the effect of these lights by under-lighting the dining room. However, before attempting such a thing, make sure you are aware of the state rules and regulations.

Wall washer light fixtures

If your restaurant has a beautifully textured wall or innovative wall decals, you must flaunt them. One of the effective ways to flaunt them is by use up lighting. The sharp angle of the light effectively grabs the discrepancy in the wall textures that it shines upon and creates sharp shadows, giving the wall a well-defined look. You can also use washer fixtures hidden behind booths and banquettes or embedded in the top of wainscoting.

These trends have taken the commercial LED lighting in New Orleans to a whole new level of innovation. In order to create such tantalizing effects with your interior lighting, you must contact the stores of High-efficiency LED home lighting in New Orleans. Excellent quality of food along with an appealing ambience is the key to getting good reviews for your restaurant. And to achieve that, you must change your restaurant lighting according to these latest trends.

Hilda Thompson writes blogs on commercial led lighting New Orleans and high efficiency LED home lighting. Here, she talks about the latest trends of restaurant lighting in New Orleans.