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In recent times, furniture tipping accidents have increased
in frequency. On average, 40 children are hospitalized on a daily basis due to
furniture tipping injuries. Even worse, children are killed each week due to
heavy furniture tipping.
Secure these items to
walls with L-brackets
. The most common causes of injury are heavy objects
like dressers and television sets. To prevent them from tipping, ensure that
these bulky items are bolted to walls. Anchoring devices are inexpensive, and are
easily kept hidden behind furniture. If you have an older, cathode ray tube
television, make sure that it is stored on a low, stable piece of furniture.
Heed manufacturer
. Pay close attention to special warning labels and weight limits
that come with furniture. Overloading furniture with excess weight can cause
drawers or shelving to break, leaving items to tumble to the floor and create
hazards for children.
Install drawer stops.
These will prevent children from pulling drawers out and using them to climb, as
well as prevent them from accessing hazardous items that could be stored in the
drawer. It’s also a good idea to secure cabinet doors with child-proof bumpers
that prevent children from opening them. Again, this will prevent children from
creating climbing obstacles.
Teach your children
not to climb on furniture
. If your child does try to climb on furniture,
explain to them the danger associated with doing so and how they can hurt
themselves. Give them other options, such as an outdoor play set they can climb
on. Always supervise young children when they are playing in an unfamiliar
place where furniture safety may not have been considered.
Invest in quality
. Cheap furniture will not withstand the text of time and is often
poorly manufactured with unstable materials. Quality furniture shouldn’t have
drawers or doors that stick when you try to open them. Many home furniture
stores offer television sets and shelving units that are made with high quality
materials. Inspect the furniture displays in store before you bring them home
for potential hazards or safety issues.
Store toys in
easy-to-access areas
. Avoid placing items like stuffed animals, remote
controls, and other toys on high shelving. Ensuring children have access to
their toys will prevent them from trying to climb on furniture to get them.
Furniture tipping is a tragedy, but it is preventable! Take
the steps necessary to secure your home’s furniture and prevent a furniture
tipping accident from occurring to your child.

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