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An idea out of the box comes when it is unique. Each space is unique and deserves something different when it comes to lighting. You will find the most fantastic figures and even odd shapes that will blow your mind. They are just suitable for those designers that dare to get out of the box.

LBL Lighting has come to offer unique designs only for those who have what it takes to break the rules. We have curated some of the best LBL lighting lights from LBLlighting.com and LightingMiami.com

The Phantom Trapped inside the Lamp

The model is called the Mini Jasper. The concept is to have a phantom trapped inside a lamp. The sample we are showing you is a mini pendant that requires tiny space. When the light is on, it can illuminate a broad area, with asymmetric shapes that give it the particular enchant of an original decoration for your unique space.

The Eclipse Effect

Simplicity is also part of defying schemes. That is how the HS848 Sphere was born. It takes a simple form: the sphere. Then, it takes another simple concept: duality. By combining them, you get this outcome. When you see it from a side, it reminds you of an eclipse.

The lamp´s simplicity is suitable for a broad range of spaces. For example, use it for your minimalistic decoration, and it will be a perfect fit. Black and white colors are recognized as elegant par excellence. They can suit your classic, elegant, and modern spaces too.

Finally, the duality represented by the lamp can have a greater use. It can be part of an artistic combination of elements that are meaningful to your concept. It is hard to find items that can be a representation of something greater than just a mere decorative piece, and the HS8484 achieves just that.

The Dawn

What about having a permanent sunset scene at home? You can get it with the HS621 model that has a mountain-like picture printed on the glass screen. The LED inside resembles the sun when it is on. It is located right beneath the mountains from any angle you see it, and you can remembrance a sunset scene as you are seeing it collect light. The design is perfect to serve intimate zones in your home.

Defy the Status Quo with a Modern Chandelier

The modern chandelier is a way to challenge the status quo on your decoration project. Its forms represent a new source of inspiration for any designer. The LBL Lighting model HS5130-OP36 Constellation 7 is a perfect example of this assertion, as this light chandelier joints seven hanging bodies in a product.

The possibilities are endless, and they come from the most daring hanging lamps. Another option is the LBL Lighting HS2061210FRSC Batons 12. It resembles chaos as several canes fall from the sky in a chaotic yet harmonic way.

Enter to the Twilight Zone

Enter to the twilight zone by using the HS4412410SC60 Twilight Chandelier. We are showing the 12 12 Light version, and there is a 20 20 Light option for even wider spaces. The arrangement of lights is not a standard format, yet aligned with symmetric patterns to illuminate the area evenly. It requires sufficient space, and it is not suitable for small venues or enclosed areas. The HS4412410SC60 large number for the model defines the installation requirements perfectly. They need a lot of space, and they are not simple neither easy to achieve.

LBL Lighting has the most innovative and out of the box ideas for your decorative lighting projects. There is no preconceived idea on which you can rely on while you use its catalog to redefine your style. Use it only when you dare to change what you thought you knew about designing spaces.

If you are a traditional designer that goes by the rules, then the products of this brand are not for you. But if you are reading this, we are confident that your style is nothing but common. Don’t spare a moment thinking straight. Divergent thoughts are the entrance to a new world of seamless creativity where JBL lighting fits perfection.