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Congoleum is America’s leading manufacturer of commercial and residential flooring. They manufacture industry’s best resilient sheet, plank and tile flooring products, which can be used for both traditional and contemporary look. Since its establishment in late 19th century, the company has always aimed to design most resilient flooring that best fit everyone’s lifestyle and budget. They offer a huge variety of style and products, so you are most likely to find resilient flooring that best match your needs.

Most of its resilient flooring products are manufactured in U.S only; the company always aims to contribute to nation’s economy and produce jobs for country people. They use most up-to-date technology and have peerless expertise as well as knowledge in manufacturing resilient flooring, which gives them an edge in the marketplace.

Congoleum flooring products are highly durable, meticulously designed, easy to maintain and flaunt stylish look. The floors are designed keeping the most fundamental issues of domestic and commercial property owners. Its resilient flooring is made of polymer materials sourced from a range of synthetic and natural materials.

It’s the physical characteristics of polymer that brings higher sturdiness and structural strength. In their early years of establishment, the company also manufactured other flooring products like hardwood and laminate. However, since then the company is performing extensive research and development in resilient flooring only. Today, they are the no.1 resilient flooring manufacturer Company in the U.S.

It is there complete focus on single category of flooring product that enables consistent research on the innovation and advancement of manufacturing highest quality resilient sheets, tiles and planks. Flooring designersalways strive to enhance the color and design options they provide in the marketplace. This is one of the many factors that make them rule the market and stay ahead of the competition.

Key benefits of installing flooring

It offers a whole gamut of advantages to property owners that no other flooring product or category can offer. Also known as Vinyl flooring or resilient flooring, flooring offers a huge variety of designs and styles to choose from. Thanks to the advanced technology, you can also find natural woods and stones’ visual appeal exactly imitated in the floors.

Team of designers also provides their customers a choice of custom-designed flooring; meaning you can get your choice of color blends and pattern in your home flooring. The flooring ensures great performance by minimizing the risk of scuffs, stains and scratches. The manufacturer use wearlayer technology with other surface protectors to give their floorings ultimate protection from everyday wear and tear.

These floors are easy to clean and maintain. They have high moisture resistance and noise absorption characteristics. So, you will find the room peaceful and warm which ensure you relaxing living experience. In colder days, the flooring remains warmer so you can walk bare foot all across your home.

In short, it is a best choice for any home, regardless if it has hectic lifestyle, peaceful one or has traditional way of living. Besides, you will find a floor in your budget.

Choosing the right flooring product

You will find a wide range of colors and designs in the flooring category. There is a design to match every type of home or office décor. Search for a flooring product that best resonates with the way you live. For example, if you have kids, it is very likely that your flooring will remain messy and you will need to ensure safety for your young toddler.

Consider if you have a pet which may not be so keen on floor care. Or you may have that family member who often brings in dirt in their footwear when enters home or the one who just creates stain on the flooring. These are several important things you need to consider while choosing from flooring products.

All floors are mainly divided into four categories as discussed below. This will make your floor selection process easier.

· Elite Flooring: These are the highest quality products. In this category, you will find a pool of contemporary and natural looking flooring designs. Check which style falls into your interest. These flooring products come with all the advantages a quality flooring product can offer in today’s time. They come in great warranties.

· Luxury Flooring: This category also offers some fascinating design options for your home or work place. You will find a color and texture that best reflect your style quotient. They are reasonably priced. Once installed, these flooring products will provide excellent durability and strength throughout its lifecycle. They are easy to clean and look great. They come in long warranties.

· Premium Flooring: These are some of the most sough-after products in the catalogue. They are sturdy and reliable. It is their elegant aesthetics that make them a popular choice of homeowners.

· Value Floorings: These are most affordable flooring products. If you need a clutter-free and look, they make a right choice.

Depending on how much durability, comfort and cleanliness you need at your home, you can choose your right product. Here it is also worth noting that all floor products’ manufacturing process doesn’t involve use of any post-consumer wastage; this is to ensure that no product contains unfamiliar entities like ortho-phthalates. Floors are in compliance to the state and federal regulations.

There is a floor for every lifestyle

Here is a flooring product line offered by Congoleum.

· AirStep Advantage: Save yourself from the need of frequently clearing the mess created by your young one or pet.

· AirStep Basix: It compliments all types of décor. It is affordable and comes with all basics plus great look.

· AirStep Evolution: A must-have if you have extremely busy lifestyle. Save time cleaning mess, stains and spills on the floor.

· AirStep Plus: Contemporary look, easy cleaning and great resilience make this flooring product suitable for all rooms including kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

· Ultima: Want the best of style, functioning and cleanability? Get home Ultima flooring.

· Flor-Ever Plus: Most dependable and durable flooring that will ensure sturdiness level of commercial flooring.

· Pacesetter: As the name suggests, this flooring product ensures good comfort and performance at the same time.

· Fast Track: If you love hosting parties at home, bring home a Fast Track floor. They are a versatile flooring product for all your needs.

· Prelude: Get elegant looking flooring at the most affordable price!

· Alpha: Fancy natural designs? Get Alpha flooring!

· Forecast: With Forecast floor, you can get chic style without breaking your bank.

· DuraCeramic: These original LVT tile products ensure optimal performance and healthy environment. It keeps your home environment allergen free.

· Ovations: Affordable and extremely durable floors with great look.

· Endurance Tile: Everyday tiles with excellent patterns at best prices that will not make hole in your pocket.

· DuraPlank II: Add a brilliant touch of elegance, style and ultimate sophistication to your home

· Connections: Thanks to its excellent moisture control properties, this classic looking wooden flooring is more suitable for bathroom and kitchen areas.

· Endurance Plank: Gives usual wooden look and feel to your home flooring.

· Carefree Plank: You get the natural wooden look without any of its maintenance hassles.

· Alternatives: You will get spoiled by the color choices this flooring product can offer.

· Choices: Great designs and neutral color choices suitable for any home décor!

· CX Series: Offers a unique striking look to your flooring!

Install congoleum flooring and get the style, performance and resilience you want in your home flooring that matches your lifestyle.