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offer a number of benefits to urban landscapes including beauty, protection
from harsh weather, and cleaner air. However, sometimes they die and they need
to be removed before they become a hazard to your property. They can die
because of storm damage to their crowns, pest infestation, or root system
damage – often caused by home renovations or construction. Tree removal in
Edmonton requires a professional arborist who can remove it without damaging
the rest of your natural landscaping. A professional Edmonton arborist has the
experience necessary to safely and efficiently remove these large organisms.
Additionally, they can evaluate damage and infestations and recommend an action
plan. It may not be necessary to cut it down with the right support system. Working
with the right company, you can expand the natural lifespan of your elm, oak,
or maple.

If your conifer has been damaged beyond saving due to construction, weather, or
age, tree removal service in Edmonton can take care of it safely and with
minimal impact to the rest of your home’s natural assets. If they are leaning,
have dying branches, show rot, are under power lines, or are overcrowded, they
may need to be removed in order to protect people and your home.

Leave Tree Removal to Edmonton Arborists

Homeowners may call a licensed arborist in Edmonton, only to find that removal
is not necessary. Alternatives may include pruning,
bracing, or deep root fertilizing. Even if your elm or oak is dying, it may be possible to leave it in place for many years, thus contributing habitat benefits without risk to
people or structures in the area. They offer habitat to species such as
woodpeckers and owls, and they still provide benefits such as shade, soil
retention, and help clean air and water in the city.

Removal of an established elm is a much more involved process than an
inexperienced homeowner can attempt. According to Edmonton bylaws, homeowners
are responsible for burning, burying, or disposing of elm wood properly. It
cannot be used for firewood, and large loads must be taken to a waste
management centre. This prevents the spread of beetles that carry Dutch elm
disease, a topic you can learn more about at Chippstree.com/blog/. Amateur attempts can damage surrounding
structures and landscaping. Additionally, individuals unfamiliar with proper
techniques can injure themselves badly. High angle rope access and low impact
rigging techniques are specialty strategies employed by companies like Chipps
Tree Care.

Besides elms, oaks, maples, and other species should be removed from the
property (or provided to the homeowner as firewood). Limbs should be mulched
and removed
or used to protect other roots. The remaining stump should be ground to allow
for future landscape improvements. Unless it carries a contagious disease,
mulch should be made available so that it can continue to provide environmental

If it’s time to take down the elm in your yard, the city of Edmonton recommends
hiring a certified ISA-certified arborist to minimize hazards and
risks involved. Companies like Chipps Tree Care offer comprehensive tree
removal service in Edmonton. Arborists can optimize the health and lifespan of
your oaks and elms, and ensure their safe disposal when the time comes.