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I recently sold my house and moved to a bigger home. The house that I sold had a lot of precious memories attached to it. We originally did not want to sell it due to the good feelings attached to the place but we needed to move to a bigger place and hence we put it out in the market.

Our initial thoughts were that the sale would be done quick as we had a nice little home. We even had a modern wood burning stove in the living room. We thought that the house would be sold in a week, but it actually took months and I learnt a lot during these months.

The first thing that I learnt was that not everyone is a genuine buyer, there are many who will come and look at your house and never revert, the ones who are interested will revert but they will always have some problem or other associated with the house. I learnt from the real estate agent that this was a way to make the seller reduce his price. Since I was confident of my product, I never once reduce the price and I got the price I wanted in the end.

The next thing that I learnt was that there is something called ‘curb appeal’ and it is very important. Always listen to your real estate agent when he or she tells you to make your curb appealing. My agent was always asking me to make the curb more attractive but I was not interested in the early stages but in the end I did end up making some significant changes to the curb, and I believe that those changes worked wonders and it was one of the reasons for the sale concluding.

Another lesson I learnt was that the living area should not appear cramped for space. Me and my missus love furniture and have a good collection of modern as well as antique wood furniture at home. We only learnt later that the buyers were put off by so much furniture as they thought that the space was less. I immediately transferred most of my furniture to a storage unit and this was also one of the reasons for the sale to go through when it did.

When we were out looking for stoves I chose from one of the many contemporary wood burning stoves whereas the missus always wanted a fireplace. This decision to go for a wood burning stove proved to be a game changer because the buyer loved it.

Another lesson that I learnt was we get used to the comfort of our homes and do not find any faults in it. I was always impressed with our kitchen but many prospective buyers would visit and not revert back and I learnt later that they were unhappy with the kitchen. The leaking faucet, the broken tile, the chimney not being cleaned well, all small things but they matter a lot.

Use these lessons to sell your home fast.