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Along the basic arrangement and development of your furniture, lighting also plays a vital role in establishing the general vibe of your apartment. However, this design necessity is shockingly easy to mess up.

To begin with, we should take out first the ceiling lighting that influences you to appear as if you have jaundice, grab some lights, and obediently read this article. Before you notice it, you will see your place in a completely new light.

These are the following tips to brighten up your apartment.

Begin With a Good Table Lamp

Choose a particular lamp that will complement your decor, but you should also pay attention to the height of your table. The basic rule of thumb is that the bottom of the shade should always be with the eye level when you sit beside it.

Simple white lamp shades will give you more light and brightness through, but opt for a neutral or colored lamp shades to make your room feel exciting and cozier.

Utilize Only Light Bulbs Under 40 Watts

Bulbs that is more than 40 watts are suitable for your garages and sheds or other places where you need lots of light. Inside your home, you need to set your mind to something more relaxing light to enable you to relax properly.

Use Your Energy Efficient Bulbs

LED bulbs are a bit more expensive and emit more radiant light compared to incandescent bulbs. However, you will save a bunch of cash after some time and can brag to your neighbors and friends about how your energy bulb is very useful.

Incorporate it With Different Light Sources

Although having more money also means facing more issues and problems, these problems do not translate into the realm of lights and lamps. Having a decent blend of lighting from three distinct sources like a standing lamp, track lighting, candles, and so forth helps you to fill out a room and distribute the light while exhibiting particular design elements and focal points.

Install Dimmer Switches

Installing a new dimmer is easy and costs lesser than $20. All you need to do is to switch off your electrical switch, take out your old switch, inspection the wires with a voltage analyzer, install your new dimmer switch, and you will now have new ambiance on your apartment.

Strategically Place Mirrors Near Windows

The laws of reflection are confounding and confusing, similar to magnetics. In any case, hanging a mirror close to your window will expand the natural lighting to your room essentially, which can also help you to boost your energy.

Use Blinds Instead of Curtains

Blinds can take up less space in your window and gives more natural light during the day, but you can use a particular kind of curtain for privacy purposes. Using some dark curtains will probably block the natural light out of your room so better use some blinds because it will help you to produce a natural light.

Paint Your Walls in a Light, Neutral color

White, plain or neutral color reflects natural light than using darker tones and colors. It is particularly useful and suitable in small rooms without many windows. You can also add some modern wall lights to add some features in your room.

Be Creative

White twinkle lights have made some incredible progress if you heedlessly hung them over your apartment dividers. With a touch of quality execution and perfect planning, a line of $5 string lights can change the feeling of your room.


With lack of floor space, a sparse number of windows, and dark corners, trying to obtain a well-lit apartment can be very difficult. But, you don’t need to do extensive renovations to brighten up your apartment, because there are easy tricks that can make your place brighter. By using a good table lamp, installing dimmer switches, and other tips provided above, your once gloomy space will certainly look like a sun-drenched penthouse.