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Television has indeed come a long way. There were days when it was just unimaginable to think of a device with screen that can display video and sound of people from different geographical regions of the world. It was both unrealistic and a myth but as the days went by technology came into existence and gradually technological innovations started to happen.

Today we live in an era which has almost gone digital. Who would have thought of walking on street like that of New York and huge displays on skyscrapers with advertisements going on will be a part of daily routine. It’s just stunning as to how technology can affect the lives of billions of people around the world.

Though there are millions of innovations and technological advancements happened in the past century and years before it but if you look at the feasibility and reach to the common man than television is one such advancement that has and is become a part of everyone’s life. Today you would hardly find a person who doesn’t know about television. Talking about television there is one brand that has started various trends in television innovations that are quite stunning and clearly shows the urge to revolutionize TV seeing experience of the masses worldwide.

Yes we are talking about LG brand which deals in all sort of electronic products and is a leading TV manufacturer in the world with presence in numerous countries around the world. This South Korea based country since its start in 1958 has gradually created technological innovations that now stand far superior to other brands. 

Like today we are talking about yet another technological advancement by LG in the form of Mosquito away LG LED TV. The approach behind this innovation was to get rid of those tiny monsters that take flight to fulfill their quest for blood and the story repeats every night. These tiny creatures doesn’t only disturb, carry world of germs but also makes watching TV a nightmare in night especially when you are in a mood to watch your favorite TV show or movie.

This Mosquito away technology is latest in innovation and uses ultrasonic sound waves to drive away the mosquitoes and keeps your family safe. Like other traditional mosquito repellent and coils it is odorless and doesn’t create any health issue. It’s a smart move technological advancement that can protect your dear one. Apart from the mosquito repellent feature this LED TV has sturdy and consistent IPS panels for wider view, life-like colors and stunning clarity. It also has that Bollywood Mode that automatically selects the perfect equalizer for realistic 3-dimensional song experience.

Likewise it also comes with cricket mode for super rich cricket experience. It has Divx HD certification for numerous movie formats via internet. It supports USB and Hard drive connectivity uninterrupt. It has great design with energy saving technology which limits power consumption. Backlight control, audio-only, standby mode zero function are also some very useful features being integrated in this smart TV.