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Condominiums and apartments are generally well illuminated with natural light in the day time, especially if the unit is on the upper floors, and lighting such a living space is slightly different to the traditional ground floor environment. Here are some useful tips on lighting apartments and condos, which will help you to find the right balance.

Consider Placement – Generally speaking, a condo wouldn’t really require ceiling lights, although design wise, they do add a central feature, and with LED solutions, you are unlimited in light spectrum and shading. There are some amazing wall light designs around, and if you go to a lighting store in Perth, or in any other city, you can browse to your heart’s content, or failing that, an online search will take you to a local inline retailer who would also have an extensive range of all types of domestic lighting.

Floor Level Lighting – Illuminating a room with floor level lighting definitely adds a touch of softness to the space, and with dimmer switches, you can fine tune the amount of light at all times. There are simple, stand-alone units that can be easily relocated, or alternately, you can have them inserted into the floor, which does add a touch of elegance to any room. If you would like some further reading on effective apartment lighting, there is an informative article on the topic that you can refer to.

Task Lighting – Adjustable pendant lights are ideal for the dining room and kitchen, and bedrooms would be best illuminated with stylish bedside lamps – which come in all shapes and sizes – and many beds have lighting incorporated, which has many advantages, least of all convenience. If you use any of the rooms as an office, some elegant table spots (which are adjustable) would provide the ideal task lighting. If you would like some expert help on task lighting, you can refer to related blogs that will hopefully give you some inspiration.

Feature Spotlights – You may have an elegant fireplace or a mahogany bookshelf and by adding tiny spots, with dimmer switches, you can highlight the focal features of the room. Colours add a sense of warmth, and with so many options available from online lighting suppliers, you and your partner can browse the extensive selection before finding something ideal. Online suppliers are generally a little cheaper than their traditional bricks and mortar stores, and any saving is always welcome.

Thanks to LED solutions, the condo owner now has a wide range of interior lighting options, and with online suppliers, you can effortlessly source the perfect lighting at an affordable cost.