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Building your dream home is definitely a high point in anyone’s life, and with the opportunity to be in at the design stage allows a person to tailor the building to suit their lifestyle. Lighting is one area that has seen tremendous advances in the past decade, and with ED solutions, it opens up a whole new world for both interior and exterior domestic lighting. Here are just a few ideas on how to bring out the best of your home with the perfect lighting.

LED Strip Lighting

This allows you to be very creative, and with strips under wall cabinets, one can achieve the perfect lighting. There are many ways these adhesive backed LED strips can be used, and with dimmer switches, you can vary the illumination at will. The exterior is perhaps where LED strip lighting comes into its own, and by attaching a few under the window sill and even among trees and shrubs, one can create a uniquely warm ambience in the early evenings. If you happen to live in Australia, Carlton Lights, in Sydney are the people to contact and a simple online search would put you on their website, and with a range of affordable interior and exterior lighting solutions, there is something to suit every taste.

Pendant Lighting

This is the ideal way to achieve task lighting above a table or work surface, and with a range of styles, there is something to suit every room. Some are adjustable and can be raised or lowered as required, but in the design stakes, pendant lighting provides a level of elegance, while giving the room added depth.

Home Lighting Automation

The ideal addition for the ultra-modern dwelling is a lighting system that can be controlled from a smartphone app, and this isn’t a far-fetched idea, as these systems have been available for a few years already. Motion sensors provide instant illumination in the garden or grounds, which adds a level of safety to the area, as no one will ever have to fumble around in the darkness.

Wall Lighting

The current trend is to move away from traditional ceiling mounted lighting, and wall lighting adds a special glow to any room, and with dimmer switches, that can easily be adjusted. Ground level spots can give a room a futuristic look, and by carefully choosing the location, one can create the perfect lighting. If your home is modern, then stainless steel and glass are ideal materials for lamps, and with such a range of styles, you can spend a few hours browsing the supplier’s website, until you find exactly what you are looking for.


Of course, there will be focal points both inside and outside that you wish to highlight and modern spots offer a range of styles, especially if you are into the modern look. LED is high output from minimal energy use, so it is an eco-friendly way to illuminate your home, and with units that last for 50,000 hours, replacing is a rare occurrence.

Online Suppliers

Unless you happen to live next door to a mega lighting warehouse, the Internet is by far the best way to source the right lighting, and with very competitive prices and the best quality units, you can effectively source all your illumination requirements with a single supplier. Online shopping is convenient, and with a secure online payment, the lighting will soon be on its way. For a full catalog of the above lighting options, please visit Carlton Lights Sydney.

The lighting you choose should complement the overall concept, and with the right balance between task and general lighting, your new home will always be seen in its best light.