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Working above ground level demands a safe working platform and while we have enjoyed many years of traditional steel poles and universal connectors, this type of scaffolding is bulky and takes a long time to erect. Typically, the scaffolding causes delays to the project schedule, mainly due to the time-consuming assembly and the many men it takes to put the system together, yet with lightweight alloy scaffolding, things are speeded up considerably and the system is designed to be easily put together and is as safe as any other scaffolding system.

Site Suitability

Alloy scaffolding is not suitable for every project and if the structure is more than 4 or 5 storeys high, traditional steel scaffolding is recommended and if heavy work is to be carried out, the best solution again is traditional scaffolding. If you are looking for a scaffold company that has a range of working at height solutions, an online search will bring up a list of contractors that service your region. When a construction site requires scaffolding solutions, time is of the essence and until the scaffolding is safely completed, work above ground cannot commence. Lightweight alloy scaffolding can be erected much quicker that the traditional pole system and it can be added to at any time, as the need arises.

Strength and Durability

Aluminium is both light and very strong and such is the design, that assembly couldn’t be any easier. The lightweight panels are interconnectable and with supporting struts added where necessary, the system is every bit as strong as traditional scaffolding and with the right design, your working at height needs will be covered. If you are unsure whether or not you can use alloy scaffolding, contact a scaffolding company that offers this type of product and they will soon tell you where you stand.

Cost Effective Scaffolding Solutions

Erecting aluminium scaffolding requires less manpower and the work can be completed in less time and this is reflected in the competitive pricing. Saving on scaffolding enables you to remain within your budget, something that is always welcome on any project and if you would like to compare prices, why not ask several scaffolding contractors to quote for the job? Then you can compare how the alloy system fares against traditional scaffolding.

Working to Deadlines

The most common cause of site delays is a lack of scaffolding in place when needed and for that reason, reliability is vital when sourcing a scaffolding contractor. Any established scaffolding contractor would likely have a good reputation within the industry and they would need to have considerable resources in order to ensure they meet the project deadlines.

If you are building a single property, the chances are aluminium scaffolding would be suitable and the system can be ready for use within a few hours of commencing the assembly. If you would like to explore the potential of this light scaffolding system, an online search will bring up a list of potential scaffolding contractors and you can take it from there.