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We do build our houses with proper planning, but even if your planned house is lacking space, then that is not an easy problem to solve. However, if your house needs an extra room, you can always go for a loft conversion and turn your attic into a functional room. Here below are five things that you need to know about Loft conversion before you go into the process.

#1 A loft conversion could balance out your house

If you are living in a house which has all the space you want in your living room but is lacking an extra room, then loft conversion is a great way to go. You might have a proper living room, but if you are thinking of an extra bedroom, then you can turn your attic into one. Though most people turn their attics into bedrooms, some also turn it into a home office, gym or even a home cinema.

#2 The construction work will need to meet the building regulations

You have to the keep building regulations in mind as well. A loft conversion is described as “material change of use” so it is necessary to meet the building regulations on this one. The regulations cover safety matters which include thermal efficiency, electric safety, fire escapes, floor strength and plumbing. You would not have to worry much about handling the regulations though as the company you will hire for conversion will take care of it.

#3 All types of loft are suitable for conversion

If you doubt that your loft might not be high enough for conversion, then stop worrying because almost all kinds of lofts are suitable for conversion. The minimum loft head height which seems fit for conversion is 2.3m. But height is not the only matter the decision can be affected by the roof pitch, chimneys or any other obstacles. Also, if your roof height is less than 2.3m you can still proceed with conversion by removing sections of the roof. It will cost more though.

#4 Various types of loft conversion

There are various types of loft conversion from which you can pick the one that suits your house best. There is a roof light conversion which requires the least amount of structural work and is cost effective. The most popular one is Dormer conversion as it is the most convenient way to add roof space and light. There is also Mansard conversion which is suitable for creating extra volume. Other conversions include Gable to Gable conversion, Modular extensions and Hip to gable conversions.

#5 You will get good return on investment

Many of the loft conversions do not cost as much as one can expect. The amount you will spend on your loft conversion will increase the value of your house by even more. A house with a converted loft has a higher value than other houses. For example, if you are spending $20,000 on the conversion then your house value will increase up to $30,000.  So, not just you are adding extra space in your house, but you are also increasing its value fairly.