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For many years, we have relied on timber or good old bricks and mortar for a shed construction, yet there are many advantages with a shed that has a steel construction. Not only will the structure stand the test of time, it is virtually impenetrable, ensuring that the contents are safe and remain that way and whatever the weather, your steel outbuilding will need no maintenance.

Solid Steel Construction

One thing you can be sure of with a steel shed is that it will never be eroded or harmed in any way by the harsh Australian climate. There are local companies in most Australian cities that specialise in steel garden sheds and the wide range of sizes ensures you will find the ideal unit, whatever you intend to use it for.

Firm Foundation

If you are wondering how to secure a steel shed, it is advised for the unit to be bolted to the prepared concrete base, which ensures there is no movement. If you are unsure about how best to create a concrete base, there is a useful guide on building a concrete base for your garden shed, which contains all the information you need to know. The supplier might actually offer a separate base building service, but if not, they will certainly be able to advise on every aspect of the project, including base construction.

Licence Requirements

In Australia, for example, if your shed is less than 10 metres square, you do not permission from the local authorities and if it is larger than that, the garden shed supplier would be able to help, as they would know the procedure inside out.

Customised Solutions

In this day and age, almost everything is made to measure and if you have a requirement that is not met by a standard size shed, the supplier might be able to build to order. Any established shed supplier would probably manufacture and therefore it is possible for them to fabricate the shed to your precise measurements and fit it out to your liking. This is ideal if you are building a workspace and will be using a lot of tools, as the design can incorporate racks and drawers where best suited.

Zero Maintenance

The great thing about a steel shed is the absence of maintenance. The unit would be treated and guaranteed for 15 years, which is a reflection of the durability and hardiness of a steel shed. Whether you are only storing your gardening equipment or are planning to create a workshop, a steel unit will be a secure and long-lasting solution and most suppliers have an online store, where you can choose the unit and complete the purchase there and then.

Steel sheds tick all the boxes from a homeowner’s perspective and with an established local supplier, you can look forward to many years of trouble-free use. They come in a range of colours, which makes it possible to blend the shed into the surrounding environment and once the unit is in place, you have a very strong and secure outbuilding that can be utilised for many things.