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“This new infographic from Steam Showers Inc describes the latest luxury
bathroom trends in home interior design, including how these trends impact the
shower, steam showers, bathtubs toilets and other luxury bathroom features.
Generally, home bathrooms are becoming more about luxury and relaxing
spa features. Luxury bathrooms allow homeowners to experience at-home therapy
and relaxation without having to go to the spa or the gym to do so. These spa
features are incorporated into the home bathroom décor. Decorating a home
bathroom is becoming more like buying a luxury car and choosing all of the
glamorous add-ons you would like to enjoy throughout the lifespan of the room.
At-home luxury spa features include large, walk-in showers and/or steam
shower systems. A steam generator may be included in a custom shower design or
within a prefabricated, all-in-one steam shower unit. Luxury bathrooms also
feature whirlpool bathtubs with body massage jets, 
chromatherapy lighting and
FM radio controlled from touch screens. Other luxury bathroom features include
dual flush and hidden toilets, heated flooring, towel warmers, chandelier
lighting, refrigeration for cosmetics, over-sized and framed mirrors and hidden
storage shelves.
The luxury bathroom trends of 2015 will make people feel like movie
stars within the privacy of their own homes. Imagine going home to your own
private spa every day. To learn more about home luxury bathroom products, visit
Steam Showers Inc and browse the selection of bathroom products. Steam Showers
Inc carries at-home steam showers, whirlpool bathtubs, walk-in bathtubs, shower
panels, steam generators and more.”