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If you like
to entertain, you want to host your guests in the highest quality and most fun
environment you can possibly create. Read on to learn four ways you can make
the hosting space in your home ultra-hospitable, especially if you enjoy
outdoor living.

Ambiance: Assemble an Outdoor Living Room

These days,
outdoor living is where it’s at. With the ability to open up the back of your
home to create seamless indoor-outdoor spaces, you can enjoy nature and expand
your entertaining space at the same time.
The key to
entertaining outdoors is to build an outdoor living room that looks and
functions like the interior of your home. Floridians and Californians have made
this an art form. You want comfortable Modern Home 2 Go sofas and
chairs that can withstand the elements and little details that mimic the inside
of the house such as:
end tables
throws and
selecting outdoor furniture, think about pieces that can do double duty, like
an ottoman than can store your pool gear or a side table on wheels that can
roll out to become a serving station.

Food: Use Creative Serving Ideas

When you set
up your outdoor living space, don’t forget to include a big table, so you can
dine al fresco. To serve your food, you can use several options. With a long,
rectangular table, European family-style bowls and platters are easy and
You can also
set up a buffet using a large, round side table. Top it with a baby pool filled
with ice. Then, set all your beverages and food trays on top to stay cool and
fresh throughout the time you’re serving.
For a
different approach, try creating eating stations using rolling carts that you can
position around the space. Set up a beverage center on one and an appetizer
station, like a bruschetta bar, on another. You can use other spots to house your main course and side
dishes, with a final station for dessert. A kid-friendly spot with all the
fixings for s’moresis guaranteed to be a big hit.

Activity: Try an Outdoor Home Movie Theater

After dinner,
what could be more fun than outdoor movies in your own backyard? Setting up a
home theater is probably easier than you ever imagined, and there are countless resources online.
You can
rearrange your comfy lounge furniture to face the screen and assemble a row of
blankets and pillows on the ground in front for the kids. Put out a basket of
insect repellent sachets and a popcorn station, and you’re set for an evening
of fun with friends and family.

Overnight Accommodations: Turn Your Guest Room into a Hotel Room

If your
guests are too tired to head home after the movies, they’ll be only too happy
to stay overnight if you set up your guest room like a mini hotel room. A great
guest space starts with a comfortable bed and sumptuous linens. If you’re all
sharing a bathroom, try hanging towel bars in your guest room closet for extra
space, and place a hamper on the closet floor for sheets and towels once your
guests are done with them.
Other nice
hotel-like amenities to show your guests you care include a framed placard with
your Wi-Fi password, baskets of morning goodies like granola and fruit, bottled
water and a stack of fun magazines. Add a bucket of pampering bath products,
and you’re guests will think they’ve checked into a spa or resort.
Creating an
ideal hosting space doesn’t have to take a lot of money, just a bit of time and
effort. Be careful, though, if you make your home so inviting and comfortable,
your guests might never want to leave!